Steps to complete your office contract

Are you interetsed in renting an office but not sure what steps are involved?

Our team will make it easy and make sure you get the office you need. We try to make our contracts as simple as possible with no hidden charges or clauses. Check the overview of the steps involved below.

First of all, contact us

Step 1: Contact Us

First of all, contact us to discuss your requirements and get a quote. Please use our web site or phone numbers to reach us. It would be very helpful for our sales person to give you the most appropriate proposal if you can summarize the below items when you contact us.

  • Your preferred business center (Toranomon or Meguro)
  • How many people will use the office
  • Exepcted starting date and contract period
  • when you would like to visit the centre to see the facilities
  • Anything you'd like to know about the office

Just feel free to contact us!

  • Your favorite business center (Toranomon or Meguro)
  • How many people will use the office
  • Exepcted starting date and contract period
  • Candidate dates when you can visit the center
  • Other questions

Just feel free to contact us!

Contact Us

Preview of offices and facilities

Step 2: Tour Our Offices and Facilities

Our sales people will show you the available offices and facilities based on your requirement (which business center you would like to use, how many people will use the office, etc.,)

Juet let us know when you'd would like to visit.

(Business hours: weekday 9:00-18:00, reservation required)

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Estimate and detailed explanation

Step 3: Review Quotation

If you like the office, our sales will generate a quote and give you a detailed explanation of the contract.

* Office price will be changed by your requirements and the timing.

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Preparation of contract and submission of required documents

Step 4: Submit Contract & Documents

Our sales will generate a contract document for you.

Other than the contract document, you need to provide some kinds of documents.

Documents you need to submit

Corporate clients

  • Contract
  • Company overview or articles of incorporation
  • Copy of your company seal’s certification or copy of signer’s identification
  • Copy of your corporate registration

Individual clients

  • Contract
  • Any document which describes your business
  • Copy of your identification
    (Passport, driver’s license, residence certificate etc.,)

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Move-in examination

Step 5: Pre-Move Screening

Compass Offices will do some screening based on the documents you submit.

The result will be notified to you as soon as we complete this process.


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Contract conclusion, move-in

Step 6: Complete the Contract and Move-in!

If you pass the screening process, you can complete the contract and start to use your office by paying the 1-month fee and deposit before the contract start date.

You can start to work in your office with desks, chairs, cabinets and internet access!


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