Find the Right Office to Expand your Business Potential

You might have found a business to get enough income. You might have experienced enough to run your own business. You might want to run your own company to be free from the rules of an employer. There are many varied reasons to start your own business.  Choosing an office is important to get right as this can be a big step in making your mark in the business world.

Importance of your work space

You may think that your own house or any coffee shops will be good enough when you start your business, but it is very easy to lose concentration at home and very hard to keep your own seat with power a power plug in a coffee shop. For these and other reasons, there are many people using co-working spaces and fixed-rate cafés. But are they the most secure places to operate your business and communicate with your clients?

Its easy for other people to see what you're working on in co-working spaces so you need to be careful if you have confidential information or client data on your screen. If you have neighbouring co-workers targeting the same goal as you, your risks will increase dramatically. That's why, if security and privacy is important to you, we recommend having an office to keep your business safe and grow to your full potential.

The importance of workspace

Choose Your Office with Convenience in Mind

Nowadays workspaces are widely varied. If your business potential is still unknown and your staff number is still small, any office which fits your budget is a good way to start. Most serviced office operators will give you a free tour before you decide to sign-up. The following will help you focus on finding the right office.

  1. Close to the Station. Or Your Core Business Area
    If you would like to have prime business address but it’s far from where you live or where the majority of your customers are, your burden will increase. Location is probably the most important factor when choosing your office so make sure you find one which fits your personal and business life.

  2. Varied Office Sizes
    Recently there are many serviced offices optimised for 1 person use with affordable add-on services. However if your business has any capability to grow, we recommend to have a contract with a larger business centre with varied offices and services. If you need to move in and out each time when you need to change the office size, you’ll also need to change the company registration and phone numbers you already gave to your clients.  Larger operators will usually allow you to expand within their business centre or to another location, so you don’t always have to change your address when you move to a new office.

  3. Meeting Rooms Available
    If you decide to take on your own space you can build in a meeting room, however that’s costly, time consuming and open to problems.  If you choose a business centre with no meeting rooms, you’ll need to conduct meetings in your office or go out to a nearby coffee shop. When choosing a serviced office provider check their provision for meeting rooms and how much they cost to use.  Meeting rooms help to present a professional appearance as well as a secure, quiet location for confidential discussions, so it’s worth including them in your search for office space.

  4. Integrated Reception

    If the business center has an integrated reception and you have a dedicated phone line, the receptionists will answer your phone line as if they were your company’s employee. So you won’t miss a call from your clients even if you’re busy or need some time undisturbed. The reception can also receive mail and packages for you so you won’t have to wait around for deliveries. Receptionists can also help you with simple support tasks which can help save you time and concentrate on running your business.  

  5. Other Benefits Of The Facility

    Most of the business centers with integrated receptions tend to have office spaces and meeting rooms as standard. Many of these centres will also have additional facilities such as business lounges, co-working space and in some-cases fitness areas. Make sure you see all the facilities when you book your tour.

Choose an office based on convenience

Office Types at Compass Offices Meguro Business Centre

Compass Offices MG Meguro Ekimae Business Center is located 1 min walk from JR Meguro station, East exit. It is in “Shinagawa-ku”, prime business address and also very close to the station, so an ideal location to run your business. Taxi rank and bus stops are around the station and some well-known hotel’s also have shuttle bus stops nearby, so it is very convenient for your visitors as well. Many foreign famous companies has Japan headquarters in Meguro and Meguro’s next train stop is “Ebisu”, which is a hot business area. Other big business cities like “Shinagawa” and “Shibuya” are also close, so very convenient for customer visits as well.

Compass Offices occupies from 2nd to 9th floor of MG Meguro Ekimae bldg. The 2nd floor has various meeting rooms and serviced offices are available from the 3rd to 9th floor. A business lounge “Compass Habitat” is also available on 4th floor. Compass Offices MG Meguro Ekimae Business Centre supports a wide range of business needs and can help expand your business capability.

*The price below is for reference only and doesn’t include tax. Price will vary depending office size, layout and what services are taken along with the offices.

Compass Office Meguro Business Center

Office type 1.
Single Desk in a Shared Office

(Reference price: 50,000 JPY/Month)

If you just need a desk in a shared office, with not much need for storage space or privacy from other people, this office is ideal for you. You’ll get your own desk, chair and small cabinet in an office shared with other people.

You’ll also get a name plate and be able to use the business centre address for your company registration.

As you’ll be sharing the office with other people you might even find a potential new business partner or customers in the room!

Office type 1. Shared office for shared office

Office type 2.
Small Semi-Private Office

(Reference price: 80,000 JPY/Month)

Spend most of the time working alone without too many confidential calls? Need a space to work with some privacy but don’t mind a little noise around you?

In this case, we recommend you to have semi-private office with 180cm high wall. We can provide 1 or 2 person office booths where you can lock the door and leave confidential documents behind. This is a great space for people who move around a lot ("Nomads") but who need a space to call their own with the security of a lockable door.

Office type 2. Semi-private office for small groups

Office type 3.
Private office for a few people

(Reference price: 150,000 JPY/Month)

This type of private office is suitable for 2 or more people. We recommend this office when you’re comfortable with a small office space and need the security and confidentiality of a private office. This is a completely independent office where you can lock the door, so nobody can listen to your conversation with your colleagues or clients and your belongings and documents are safe.

Office type 3. Private office for small groups

Office type 4.
Private offices for many people

(Reference price: 280,000 JPY/Month for 4 people, 780,000 JPY/Month for 12 people)

If you have over 4 co-workers, you should consider a private office. The room is completely private giving you security for your documents as well as conversations. They are spacious, comfortable and give you a professional environment to conduct your business.

Office type 4. Private office for large groups

Related facilities

Meeting rooms

There are a lot of meeting rooms on 2nd floor of MG Meguro Ekimae. It is very wide lineup from small meeting room for 4 people to big seminar room for over 50 people. Board rooms have video conferencing system and drawing room is also available. You can select the most appropriate meeting room to meet your requirement.

Learn more on our meeting rooms in Meguro

conference room

Compass Habitat

"Compass Habitat” is a business lounge which offers a quiet place to relax, have informal meetings or work in comfortable, spacious surroundings. Refreshments, games and exercise machines are also available. This is a great place to take a break from your office and see things from a different perspective.

An additional contract will be required to use Compass Habitat. If you have our office contract, you can get the service with membership price. Check with our sales when you visit our Meguro centre.

Learn more on Compass Habitat

Compass Habitat

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Various types of workspaces are available at Compass Offices Meguro Business Centre. Why not come and see the offices and easy-to reach location for yourself!

Our business centre is open from Monday to Friday, from 9:00AM to 6:00PM. Please book an appointment through our web form below or by calling our centre on: +813 4530 9685.

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