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Starting your own business is becoming more and more popular. Do you have an idea and want to make a successful business in Japan but not sure where to start?  The following will give you some tips to leap ahead:

Office Recommendations

Hard to concentrate at home? Too easily distracted in a trendy co-working space and worried about security? Tired of fighting for a table near a plug in a coffee shop? Budget tight but need your own space to say “this is mine”.

If you find yourself in any of the above circumstances, we recommend you find a serviced office. There are so many types of serviced offices and flexible workspaces available you’ll easily find something which fits your needs. However, when it comes to selecting an office there should be no reason to compromise to get something which suits your budget:

Distance from the local transport links: Location is key when it comes to choosing an workspace. No point in finding a great office if you have to spend hours getting there. Having an office near major local transport links should be one of your first considerations.

Meeting rooms: If meeting clients, suppliers and potential employees in a professional environment is important to you, choose an office where you can easily use on-site meeting rooms. Many low-cost providers won’t offer this facility. Which means you’ll be back to the coffee shop when you should be impressing your visitors.

Telephone / mail handling: When you start your own business, you want to focus on your sales activity but there are so many detailed things to take care of. If you select a serviced office with reception facility, the staff will take care of the calls and mails for you. You can avoid missing calls when you are talking with your clients or out of the office. You can also leverage secretarial services to send mails and print documents.

English service: Many Japanese people are not so good or confident when it comes to speaking English. Additionally many services are only designed for local users. Therefore it’s critical that you find a serviced office with English service to help you set-up and run your business smoothly.

Prestigious business address: In Japan it’s a typical business conversation to talk about office location when you exchange the business card. And if your office address is prestigious, your client might say “Oh, you have your office in good location. How did you come here from there?” A high-profile business address will help you to be considered as a reliable business partner.

Lucky number: there are several numbers which are well known as “lucky numbers”, like ‘1’, ‘7’ and ‘8’. It might be good for you to have these numbers in your business address or office number.

choosing an office without compromise

Various office types at Compass Offices Toranomon Business Center

Compass Offices Toranomon Business Centre is located in the centre of the sought-after business address, “Totanomon, Minato-ku”. It provides high-quality serviced offices with direct subway-connection to Hibiya line, “Kamiyacho” station, exit #3. It is the next station from "Roppongi", and close to "Ginza" and "Ebisu", the huge business districts. The facility entrance is modern with consolidated reception service. The centre also has a number of professional meeting rooms, so you can invite your clients with the confidence of holding a meeting in secure, comfortable surroundings. Also, our receptionists are Japanese-English bilingual, so you can ask them to deal with your foreign business partners. Also the business centre is located on the 7th floor of “Toranomon 40 MT Building”. So you'll get a lucky number in your business address!
The office is bright and spacious, you can see Sakurada street from offices with windows and you might be able to see Tokyo tower as well! In the lounge you can enjoy quality, free coffee as well as relaxed conversation with clients and other tenants. The facilities at Toranomon will help you to enjoy smart business surroundings and motivate you to grow your business.

The following offices are available at Toranomon business center.
*The price below is for reference only and doesn’t include tax. Price will vary depending office size, layout and what services are taken along with the offices.

Toranomon Business Center

Office type 1.
Single Desk in a Shared Offic

(Reference price: 50,000 JPY/Month)

If you just need a desk in a shared office, with not much need for storage space or privacy from other people, this office is ideal for you.  You’ll get your own desk, chair and small cabinet in an office shared with other people.

You’ll also get a name plate and be able to use the business centre address for your company registration.

As you’ll be sharing the office with other people you might even find a potential new business partner or customers in the room!

Shared office for shared office

Office type 2.
Small Semi-Private Office

(Reference price: 70,000 JPY/Month)

Spend most of the time working alone without too many confidential calls?  Need a space to work wth some privacy but don’t mind a little noise around you?

In this case, we recommend you to have semi-private office with 180cm high wall. We can provide 1 or 2 person office booths where you can lock the door and leave confidential documents behind. This is a great space for people who move around a lot ("Nomads") but who need a space to call their own with the security of a lockable door.

Semi-private office for small groups

Office type 3.
Private office for a few people

(Reference price: 170,000 JPY/Month)

This type of private office is suitable for 2 or more people. We recommend this office when you’re comfortable with a small office space and need the security and confidentiality of a private office.

The aisle side of the office is made from textured glass, giving lots of natural light as well as privacy for your documents and computer screen.

When you need some refreshments and a break from work, you can get a hot satisfying coffee from the pantry.

Office type 3.Private office for small groups

Office type 4.
Private offices with outside view

(Reference price: 300,000 JPY/Month)

If you have over 5 co-workers, you should consider a private office with a window. The room is completely private giving you security for your document as well as conversations. From some of the rooms you will be able to see Tokyo Tower or Toranomon Hills. A good view will brighten your day and make you and your colleagues feel more productive!

These are just a few of the office options you can find at Toranomon business centre. 

Ready to take the leap? Contact us today!

Office type 4. Private office with windows

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Various types of workspaces are available at Compass Offices Toranomon Business Centre. Why not come and see the offices and easy-to reach location for yourself!

Our business centre is open from Monday to Friday, from 9:00AM to 6:00PM. Please book an appointment through our web form below or by calling our centre on: +813 4530 9685.

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