Important things to succeed business in Japan

Japan is one of the most advanced countries in the world and “Tokyo” is a very famous district name worldwide. Tokyo will hold the Olympic / Paralympic games in 2020 and a lot of global companies are reaching out to Japan because of its safe and well performing economy.

If you look at “Tokyo” from a global point of view, you might feel it is a very small district, but Tokyo is actually a very big metropolis as well as a prefecture. Each Tokyo district has its own features and characteristics such as good transportation, how big the businesses are, whether it’s a business district or residential district, bustling or quiet, etc... It is very difficult for foreign business challengers unfamiliar with the area to select the right location of their first office in Japan.

Troubles in selecting the right office in Tokyo

If a foreign company would like to establish a branch in Japan, the story might not always be so difficult. In the case that they have a native coworker, this person will simulate which area can be convenient for their business and propose the locations. If this is the case, then how can the companies without a Japanese local coworker find the right offices? You might need to type “serviced office Tokyo” in search engines, or you might need to contact global office agencies. But it is a big burden needing to compare each offices web site one by one and your global office agent might not be familiar with actual Tokyo. Maybe you will encounter so much information through the internet and cannot find the right choice. A lucky person might have advice from a friend who knows Japan and get an introduction of the office. Even then, you don’t know if that friend really led you to the best choice or not.

Troubles in selecting the right office in Tokyo

Key points in searching for an office in Tokyo

You have some basic measurements you can apply. 1st thing is, there are places you can get advice close to your office. It might be an embassy or the chamber of commerce of your country.

Search for “embassy in Tokyo” in Google Maps. You can find so many embassies located throughout any particular area in Tokyo. You can also search for “chamber of commerce in Tokyo”. You can confirm they are located in a separate area. It is very important that you decide what can help your business and when searching for your office, taking into consideration its location is a very important step in starting your business in Japan. Also, you might want to move your office after gathering some experience in Japan, so you should have a contract with an office in which a short term agreement is available (it might be difficult for foreigners to get a legacy real state rental contract, so serviced offices would be good fit).

Secondly, it is important that you find a convenient station nearby. In Tokyo, in most cases you will go to the office by train or subways, not by a car. It is the right choice as well to save the cost and avoid the risk of driving a car in an unfamiliar country (especially since in most countries the car lane is opposite from that in Japan). Because of this, you may want to search for the offices that are close to the mega stations like “Shibuya”, “Tokyo”, “Shinagawa”, “Shinjuku”, and “Roppongi”.

But while it is true that those stations have attractive sub-cultures, those stations are incredibly big for daily use and you will lose time merely exiting from the station. You may need to walk more than Google Maps says. In addition, people are pushing each other strongly in Japan’s famous “Rush-hour” so they can get on the train, instead of waiting for the next one. This kind of chaos is happening every day in most of the mega stations and it makes it difficult to even walk straight, resulting in it taking more time just to change trains. It causes train delays or difficulty in reaching the platform because of over-capacity and you might not be able to reach the destination on time. The offices around the mega-stations are of course expensive as well.

It is difficult to avoid taking trains or “rush-hour” as long as you would like to have an office in Tokyo. If you get an office in a suburb to escape from the overpopulation and to take advantage of the cheaper office rates, you will have to spend time traveling just to reach your customers and clients, since most of the companies are centralized in Tokyo.

Avoiding mega-stations reduces your daily stress to go to work. The station to your office can be smaller and the population there will be limited, and you can go outside quickly.  You can save office fees in most cases (or you can get a bigger size office for the same cost).

Selecting an office close to the train station is also important. It makes your commute shorter and there are a lot of shops and restaurants around the station.

Key points in searching for an office in Tokyo

Serviced offices directly connected to subway station

Compass Offices Toranomon business center (Toranomon 40 MT Building) is directly connected to Kamiyacho, Hibiya line, exit #3. It is a direct connection so you don’t have to worry about possible bad weather. There are a lot of subways coming and going so you can move to customers places smoothly. It is located close to the Kasumigaseki / Toranomon area, the center of Japan’s finance district, and is also close to the Roppongi area where the newest business trends are blooming. We also recommend this business center for the people who would like to leverage the prestigious business address because our business center street address includes “Toranomon”. There are many restaurants around the center so you will not be short of places to go for your lunch break.

Perhaps one of the biggest features of this area is that there are so many embassies around. Many Japanese government offices are located in Kasumigaseki, so many foreign embassies are also located in this area. You might feel comfortable staying close to your country’s embassy as a close neighbor.

Also, Compass Offices staff speaks English, so you can ask us for help in the case you may need anything. It is true that so many Japanese people don’t speak English, so it might be of good help for your small stuff.

When you go outside of the building, you will find this area is a neat business area with many office buildings. There are several big office buildings with complex facilities like restaurants. You will see both gentle business people and tourists alike are walking in the street. Actually, this area is a very unique place because it has historical temples from the Edo period and you will see many cherry blossoms on big trees. There’s a mixture of a contemporary economy and historical Edo period culture, with more city development on-going. Additionally, you can see Tokyo Tower close by and it will be light up at night.


Kamiyacho is in the middle of the Kasumigaseki / Toranomon area which is the center of Japan politics / finance, and the Roppongi area which is on the edge of the latest business trends. You can reach Shibuya and Shinjuku with one train change and easily connect to Shinkansen (bullet train) and Haneda / Narita airports.

Compass Offices Toranomon Business Center is one of your best place to start your business in Tokyo.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Serviced offices directly connected to subway station

Introduction of Compass Offices Toranomon Business Center

Toranomon Business Center

7F, Toranomon 40 MT Building

7F Toranomon 40 MT Building, 5-13-1, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Tel: +81-3-4530-9888
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Near stations:

  • Kamiyacho station, Tokyo Metro Hibiya line, direct connection from exit #3
  • 7 mins walk from Onarimon station, Toei Mita line, A5 exit
  • 10 mins walk from Roppongi-icchoume station, Tokyo Metro Nanboku line, Izumi Garden exit

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