Starting Up in Hong Kong - A Guide to Starting and Developing Your Business in Hong Kong

Starting Up in Hong Kong


Prospective entrepreneurs face a number of challenges when setting out on their journey, from how to compete in the marketplace to the ideal place to startup.

The first step, coming up with your first invention or new business idea, is perhaps the easiest. The hard part is setting yourself up for success. In other words: so, you’ve got your business mojo going - now what?

Compass Offices 'Starting Up In Hong Kong’ is designed to help you understand how easy it is to set up your business in the world’s freest economy - Hong Kong.


As a busy entrepreneur, fitting in reading time is tough. When you have an always-on job and a schedule that won’t quit, it’s easy to say I just don’t have time to read. But picture it as a light jog for your brain! To speed things up we’ve summarised each section below.

Starting Up in Hong Kong content summary

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