PUBLISHED 18 Oct 2021

Offices get flexible

As time horizons shrink, companies are seeking workspaces that can expand or contract quickly


Hong Kong, October 18, 2021 - Hong Kong Trade Development Council featured an in-depth interview with our CEO, Hans Leijten, about Compass Offices' unique flexible office space solution.

In the article, Hans describes how Compass Offices’ business-ready office space is supporting companies to stay agile and ahead of their markets.

Find out our latest development and unique flexible workspace solutions from the interview -

Enquiries for our new flexible office space are welcome. 
About Compass Offices
Compass Offices is a leading flexible office space provider in Asia Pacific. Founded in 2009, Compass Offices has grown to 9 cities, serving over 20,000 satisfied clients. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, growing start-ups, entrepreneurs, independent professionals and enterprise teams.

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Judy Mak