PUBLISHED 17 Oct 2022

13 Compass Offices business centres to collect public food donations for Feeding Hong Kong


17 October, 2022, Hong Kong - Over 3,200 tonnes of food are being dumped into landfills every day in Hong Kong, while one-fifth of Hongkongers live in poverty and face food insecurity. Local food bank Feeding Hong Kong invites the public to donate food to 13 business centre locations of Compass Offices in October to support the underprivileged and to echo the cause of World Food Day to mitigate food insecurity. 

Food weighing more than 220 double-decker buses is being dumped into landfills daily, while so many are unable to get enough nutritious food. Low-income families spend over 30% of their family income on food expenses monthly.  Feeding Hong Kong collects high-quality food that would otherwise be thrown away, sort and store it, and then redistribute it to our network of 150+ welfare organisations, who in turn feed thousands of people in need. 

To celebrate World Food Day in October, the charity also encourages the public to donate ambient items such as oil, rice, noodles, and canned food which are still within their shelf life. The action can help underprivileged families to cut down on food expenses and more flexibly use their family income for other purposes. 

Compass Offices echoes the call by setting up food donation boxes at their 13 office space locations in the city, offering a network of food collection points across key business districts in Central, Sheung Wan, Admiralty, Causeway Bay, North Point, and Tsim Sha Tsui. Compass Offices Chief Executive Officer, Hans Leijten, says: “After reading news reports on underprivileged people in the city, our team members took the lead to offer support via this activity. The extensive network of Compass Offices proves ideal to facilitate this campaign.”

Billy Yeung, CEO of Feeding Hong Kong, says, “The COVID-19 pandemic continues to bring uncertainty to Hong Kong. We are witnessing only gradual economic recovery and food price increases that make it even harder for the underprivileged to afford good food. We encourage the public to donate food and reduce food surplus to benefit both our community and the environment.”

Compass Offices collection points are open from now until 31 October, 2022. 
List of locations: 

About Feeding Hong Kong:
Feeding Hong Kong is a local charity with 10 years of experience in reducing the amount of quality food being sent to landfills and redistributing it to our network of 150+ welfare organisations, who in turn feed thousands of people in need. We are the only accredited member of the Global Food Bank Network and have been serving Hong Kong for more than 10 years. Visit our website:

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Fanny Lee
Community Engagement Director, Feeding Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2205 6163