Published: 12 Mar 2024

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The Transformative Power of an Enterprise Solution


Today, businesses are future-proofing their corporate real estate (CRE) strategies by adopting flexible workspaces that adhere to Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. Moreover, recent world events and economic tendencies have further accelerated the trend of hybrid working arrangement, where a large number of businesses have shifted from being predominantly office-based to offering alternative working options within a flexible workspace. Interestingly, these trends connotate a number of important messages for corporate real estate (CRE) strategies. 

As flexible workspace becomes mainstream, it continues to evolve in a manner that appears to be conducive to corporate culture in major cities within the Asia Pacific region including Osaka, Japan – the focus of this article. In essence, corporate cultures in Japan tends to exhibit a relatively different system valuing facetime and presence in the office in contrast to regions such as North America and Europe. Increasingly, the prevalence of flexible workspace, particularly the enterprise solution enables organisations to stay closely attuned to the needs and preferences of its employees and simultaneously address the challenges and opportunities of managing a productive workplace.


JLL research on Workforce Engagement and Productivity

What do the Statistics say against a backdrop of shifting work expectations and priorities from both employers and employees?

  • 43% of the organisations surveyed globally plan to accelerate investment in flexible space in the next three years, where 51% plan to lease it through a third-party provider. 
  • 56% HR experts expect most employees to continue working in a hybrid format, resulting in changing workplace strategies.
  • 54% anticipate a dynamic working model by 2025. 
  • 56% of organisations say they plan to refit or redesign their office space.
  • 60% say learning and development is a major benefit of office-based working.
  • Up to 84% of respondents agree that their employees will demand greater autonomy. 

One of the negative aspects of hybrid working is the tendency to weaken the bonds that enable collective identity and organisational culture. An enterprise solution resolves concerns in this regard as it offers corporates bespoke workspace solutions that are designed and built to a business’ specification. For instance, Compass Offices’ design and project management team has years of experience in the planning, designing, and executing of bespoke corporate fit-outs – from 500 sq ft to entire floors that cater to larger requirements of blue-chip and international organisations. The next section introduces where and how to implement an enterprise solution most effectively.


INOGATE OSAKA – Shaping Future Workplace Strategy

Employers are actively investing to make the office more productive and office amenities are needed to make time spent in the office as productive as possible. Many are opting for the enterprise solution to support its workforce, a solution where better desks, a manager’s suite, a decked-out break room or even a recording studio can be built to serve a business’ specific requirements. Other administrative matters such as the upkeep of the office can also be managed by the flexible workspace provider.

More specifically, Compass Offices’ latest flexible workspace on the 9th and 10th floor of INOGATE OSAKA features an elongated layout that can cater to a wide range of interior designs and corporate fittings. The Osaka flexible workspace is the latest chapter in Compass Offices’ portfolio of business centres in Japan. This new business centre is next to an urban green park that will help enhance the wellbeing of those working nearby. The 2-floor business centre is also directly connected to the JR Osaka Station, which supports convenient access to 7 stations and 13 metro lines, and the Kansai International Airport.

Compass Offices business centres at INOGATE OSAKA spans across 2 floors and will officiate its opening in August 2024, businesses may also wish to engage during the presale period to secure the flex space with the most spectacular views of this dynamic city. There are additional benefits that underpin an enterprise solution model. To put this into perspective, Compass Offices specialises in turnkey projects that offer businesses complete peace of mind – from the design, build and management services that are expertly devised with the objective to support businesses so that they can focus on what they do best. Enterprise solution allows businesses the agility of right-sizing their office space in a timely and cost-effective manner without the high cost of initial capital spend. 


The Ingenuity of INOGATE OSAKA

Until now, flexible office space has been occupying "a specific floor of a large office building" as "a tenant", and precisely that designated floor can be offered as a service. However, INOGATE OSAKA is a joint venture with JR West, the building owner and developer of the regional transportation network. This has made it possible to provide services not only on the designated floor. By extension, clients will be able to enjoy privileges at the conference center on the 11th floor and enjoy bespoke experiences at the plethora of restaurants and retail floors throughout the 3rd and the 5th floors. These services will not be limited to tenants of the building but will also extend to the entire region in the form of community events that leverage JR West's regional network. In this regard, INOGATE OSAKA is truly a gateway to innovation, created as a place where employees of a company can gather with a purpose.

Moving away from the commercial side of the narrative, the government is instrumental in supporting the shift to alternative work arrangements by factoring these new trends in its urban planning. Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has been spotlighted for institutional plans that focus on mixed-use developments to incorporate flexible workspaces outside the city centre, particularly in traditionally residential and industrial areas. In the present case, an urban green park was developed precisely to promote the well-being of the city’s working citizens, as well as the importance of healthy green living in a modern world where ESG goals remains to be a vital concern for potential investors and employee alike. As calls for sustainable spaces and green credentials continue to grow, occupying a space within a green building with green amenities is worthwhile for future-proofing a business’ real estate commitment. This is also a way for companies to differentiate themselves to attract the most qualified talent. 

Alternatively, a customised workspace is an adaptation to an existing space to fit a client’s specific needs and continues to be a great option for many. It is essentially a turnkey flexible solution, accented with a diverse array of management services. In this regard, Compass Offices manages the entire customised workspace process – from defining specific business requirements, layout design, project management to delivery according to a business’ preference, down to the colour of the walls!

In conclusion, workforce dynamics are constantly changing, and corporate real estate (CRE) strategies should be in place to drive the transformation of offices for success in a modern world where flexible work arrangements are becoming a norm in many societies. In sum, flexible workspaces such as Compass Offices’ latest business centre at INOGATE OSAKA are often cost-effective for the organisation and attractive to employees as they offer agility and flexibility. It is also a great solution to de-densify the office considering increased emphasis on employee health and well-being. Organisations that stay ahead of these trends will position themselves more effectively as desirable employers and be in a better position to strengthen workplace culture and greater collaboration, creativity, and potential among their firm’s employees. 

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