Published: 15 Mar 2021
Updated: 28 Nov 2023
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Work-Life Balance: 5 Tips to Taking a Whole New Approach


To keep employees safe through distancing measures, many companies around the world have resorted to remote working and work from home setup. During such time, many are struggling to manage work life balance while finding their pace between work and personal hours. The perks to working from home is evident, however the challenges are also undeniable, such as when it comes to balancing work with family.
Here are some work home balance tips to help you stay productive without compromising personal and family life. 

Schedule everything and stick to it

Although you can enjoy plenty of convenience, it is easy to feel unmotivated when you’re working at the comfort of your own home. You are constantly reminded of your cozy bed, the TV can be on, and you are more prone to use your phone as it connects you to the world outside – these provide a lot of distractions.

Scheduling gives you a sense of structure and keeps you motivated. Set a schedule and try to stick to it as much as possible. Allow yourself some time in this schedule for personal activities. A timetable will help you limit distractions and stay productive. Subsequently, it will free up time for yourself and for your family when followed accordingly.
Set your work hours and log off when you are done (or at the end of your schedule). Logging off not only provides cathartic relief, it can also help you set boundaries with your employer, manager, coworkers, and family. 

Use tools to show online and offline hours

As soon as you’ve determined your daily work schedule (one that works for you and your team), use tools to publicise your online and offline hours. Make sure you consider time zones and locations of your other team members. 
You can set your availability, so you will not be able to receive notifications before or after your work schedule. Indicate your work hours and availability in your Google Calendar. This will give you a chance to decline events and tasks outside your schedule. 

Take breaks and get some fresh air

Once you get a hang of the work from home setup, you will manage your tasks easily and become efficient. This is good, but it may also cause you to lose track of time and forget about the other important things in your life. The monotony and solitude of this kind of setup can take its toll on your mind and body. The healthier way to go about this is to take breaks.
Taking breaks gives your brain and body a chance to regroup. Give yourself a ten- or fifteen-minute break between tasks or outputs. Stretch, walk around the house, play with your pet, or have a little chat with your family or roommate. 
Also, use your breaks to get some fresh air. It is no secret that fresh air is good for you. It relaxes the mind and rejuvenates the spirit; hence, improve your productivity in the process. So if possible, step outside the house and to relish fresh air. 
You can also use some activities or errands for breaks. Cook, clean your room, walk your dog, or exercise. This will help you feel refreshed and reconnected with the people and the world around you. It is good for your mental health, too. 

Setup a place exclusive for work

Working from home may give you flexibility and convenience, but working on your couch or bed is one way to stay unproductive and unmotivated. At home, you might be alone, with no workmates or boss nearby to keep you motivated. Working on your couch where you normally binge-watch your favourite TV show or in your dining room with a pile of laundry that needs to be folded will easily get you distracted.
Rather than working on your comfy couch, dining table, or bed, find a space that is distinct from the rest of your home; conducive for work and away from distractions. 
Choose a spot where you can work productively, without distractions. Sign-off, unplug, and get up when you are done. This is one of the surefire ways to balancing work and life during covid and get things done. 

Shared office spaces offer alternative workspace

In terms of a conducive space for work, a shared office space provides a great alternative workspace that will keep you motivated and productive. 
Working from home is not as ideal as it may sound. You are limited by the infrastructure that you have available. In a shared office space, you have access to the infrastructure and technology you need to get work done effectively and efficiently. From a reliable internet connection, agile workstations, and basic office equipment (such as printer, fax machine, scanner, etc), these are within your reach. 
Many shared office spaces are designed to have the complete office setup, with all the amenities and services included so you can save time and money. They even have cozy office chairs and desks, privacy nooks, meeting rooms, and even complimentary beverages and full kitchenettes. If ever you encounter technical problems, they have onsite support on standby so you can work seamlessly. 
And since it is a shared space, it is also a good venue to expand your professional network. It brings a good balance between office and personal hours.

Balancing work and life during Covid era is no easy feat. Follow these tips and you will be productive, healthy, and still enjoy quality time with your family. 



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