Published 29 November 2017 Category: Serviced Offices, Virtual Offices, Compass Offices, Affordable Workspaces, Entrepreneurs, Startups, SMEs, Business

Why Where You Work Is More Influential Than You Think

Collaborative Workspace
The environment around us has the power to influence our mood and actions. For this reason, successful people are serious about their workspaces. So much of our time is spent working; where we’re sitting should inspire good work.

Our workspace ought to be healthy, positive, and comfortable enough to serve as an incubator of thought day in and day out. Well-designed office spaces drive performance and encourage collaboration - creativity isn’t sparked in a disagreeable ambience. A truly wonderful office space can do so much – it pushes employees to work towards their peak potential. Most importantly, though, it reflects the values and beliefs of a company. Here’s why.

Your workspace is essentially your second home. The hours spent at your desk accumulate rather quickly; it may even seem that you spend less time at your actual residence. The only way to bear devoting so much of your life engulfed by the place you work in is by ensuring that you want to be there. Decorate it the way you would want to decorate your personal space.

Similar to building an atmosphere that fosters relaxation post work, build a setting that focuses on the details that make you most efficient during work. While different decors are proven to be more effective, it’s up to you do design your personal workspace in such a way that boosts your productivity and reflects your values as an entrepreneur.

Where your time is spent working sets your mood every day. Our environment significantly impacts psychological well-being and physical functioning. Everything from the color palette around you to the type of chair you sit in has a measurable effect. Personalise your workspace the way you see fit. Add photos that brighten your day, install a light that won’t strain your eyes and turn the air conditioning or the heating to a comfortable level.

Taking charge of your workspace décor will only prove beneficial to your productivity level. The more captivated you are by your surroundings, the more engaged you’ll be with your work. The more engaged you are with your work, the happier your clients will be.

Don’t forget, clients will also see your workspace - and they’ll certainly judge it. It’s no secret that people prefer pleasant aesthetics. Clients are no different. The less legitimate your office appears to them, the less likely you’re going to win their business. Legitimacy comes in many forms, too – your office should reflect values that line up with the values of your clients.

Your workspace doesn’t exist to merely ignite purpose in yourself; it also serves to reassure clients that they are in good hands. No matter how great you sound over the phone, if your space doesn’t live up to your talk then clients will be turned off. Loosing possible business over the way your office looks is an unnecessary outcome that can easily be avoided.

Care about the place you spend so much of your time working in, as it is ultimately a reflection of you. Various aesthetic choices speak volumes – are you a modern business? Your office should reflect as much – make it affordable. Make it work with Compass Offices.