Published: 06 Apr 2016
Updated: 20 Apr 2022
Category: Career Development

Why the Hong Kong Sevens weekend might just be good for you!


Sevens is easily claimed as the wildest (and craziest) sporting event of the year in Hong Kong. As expected, the rugby sevens circuit will be attended by people around the region and as far away as Europe.

For many, the weekend could easily be another reason to go crazy. But here are three tips to gain personally and professionally:

1) Learn different culture and practice new language

There will be thousands of people flooding Hong Kong this weekend. So why not try to practice the language that you have learnt for sometimes. Or if you’re keen to learn about new culture, you can attend the game and see each team’s national anthem.

  • Side note: You probably want to avoid those incoherent people!

2) Be inspired

You will meet so many different personalities and if you’ve been longing for an inspiration for your business or marketing campaign, the answer can be as easy as right before your eyes!

  • Side note: make sure you take note and keep it in a waterproofed wallet.

3) You have too much fun and forgot to book a meeting room to see your clients?

No problem, that’s where we come to help! Shoot us an email, mention SevensMeetingRoom and we can give you one hour free meeting room in any of centres in Hong Kong (we have 21 centres!).

  • Side note: subject to availability, of course.

Whatever you get up to, stay safe and have fun!


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