Published: 05 Sep 2019
Updated: 13 Sep 2022
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What You Can Do For Your Business during the Rugby World Cup in Japan


The 2019 Rugby World Cup is upon us and if you’re headed to Japan, Yokoso! This is an exciting time for Japan as the country will host the 9th edition of the quadrennial championship, marking the first time the event touches down on Asian shores.

Whether you’re here on business, chasing after the matches in different cities, or both, why not take the time and expose yourself to even more opportunities?

There's room to grow

Maybe you’re here to catch the game but you’d like to schedule a few meetings, what do you do? Don’t let a lack of an office space deter you. While cafes and other public areas might not give you sufficient resources, you can book a meeting room with a serviced office provider that will hook you up with everything you need – hi-speed connectivity, refreshments, conference call access – you name it.

If you’re setting up a temporary base for projects during your stay, the same provider will be able to have your space set up in no time; and if you need something even more permanent without having to be present, you can check that box by setting up a virtual office.

Leverage on connections

The shared and common areas in serviced offices and co-working spaces is a great way to network and build contacts. Doing business in Japan can be different in many ways, and despite doing your due diligence before arriving, it’s no match to actual experience. Speak to the people you’re surrounded with and you can perhaps find out things not even the internet can tell you. If that’s not what you’re looking for, it will do you no harm to make new acquaintances in the local sphere now, which might open doors to future ventures.

Make yourself known

If you intend to start growing a stronger presence for your business in Japan, pick an event or a season that’s relevant to your product and arrange for promotions or on-ground activities. Seasonal or sporting events such as the Rugby World Cup is a great platform. It gathers people from local and abroad and everybody will already be in an excited mood. You don’t even need a permanent office, just a flexible workstation or temporary space to lend you support.

Check out our serviced offices, flexible workspaces, virtual offices and co-working spaces solutions at the MG Meguro Ekimae Building and the Toranomon 40 MT Building in Tokyo.

We are offering special packages for office rentals and workstation leases taking place for the Rugby World Cup. Reach out to us now!

Make the best out of your trip! If you’re looking to plan ahead for Japan’s next international sporting event, the Olympics will be happening in July next year.



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