Published: 20 Jan 2023
Updated: 20 Feb 2023
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Who Are Business Centres, or Serviced Offices, Good for?


Business centres are popping up in metropolises all around the world. Office space inside modern, luxurious buildings, which are often recognised as landmarks of central business districts, provides office solutions for all kinds of companies and organisations. What sets business centres apart from traditional offices is that they offer extra services and operational support to tenants.


What is a business centre?

A business centre houses multiple types of flexible business spaces in one physical space. This includes serviced offices, co-working spaces, hot desks, and shared offices. The phrase is sometimes used synonymously with ‘serviced offices’ in the office rental sector.

Renting a business centre is efficient and cost-effective, making them more and more popular among entrepreneurs and firms entering new global markets. This is especially true post-COVID, when employees have come to expect hybrid working.


Who benefit from renting business centres?


Start-ups can benefit from renting co-working space or business centres, depending on their size. Small start-ups don’t usually need their own offices, many of which are transitioning from home offices. Leasing a conventional office space could hinder the development of those start-ups due to rigid terms and space limitation.

Larger start-ups and small businesses find the privacy, as well as compartmentalised meeting and third spaces, of a serviced office more suitable. The atmosphere is also more of a traditional office. Some serviced office providers offer customised business spaces tailored for enterprises' particular workspace needs occupying part of or an entire floor, as these firms scale up.

Independent professionals

Hot desks rented by day, shared offices, individual offices, and co-working space are all good options for individual professionals who want something in-between working in a coffee shop and a formal workspace. Business centres offer short-term commitment and the ability to only pay for what you need.

Added bonuses are the included business services of printing/scanning/IT assistance, complimentary beverages, professional atmosphere, and ability to network with like-minded professionals.

Satellite offices

Well-established firms testing the waters of expanding into new markets also benefit from renting serviced offices. Opening a branch office in a different location than the company headquarters typically requires three things:
●    Speedy move-in;
●    Low maintenance costs (e.g. furnishing, monthly utilities, and cleaning services);
●    Adaptable lease terms.
Businesses opening satellite offices value the ability to be agile and transparent costs, both of which business centres offer.


What are the benefits of business centres?

Fully equipped space

Serviced offices are already outfitted with office equipment (printers, video conference equipment, telephones), furniture, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), and Wi-Fi. In other words, tenants have access to all the facilities and equipment needed to run a business.

Compared to a conventional office rental, where companies need to spend time and money designing, renovating, and furnishing an empty space, business centres have done the heavy lifting for you and are ready-to-move-in.

Business Agility

There are two aspects of the agility aspect of serviced offices. First, there is no downtime moving in to your new workspace, so there is no pause in your team’s workflow.

Second, serviced offices have flexible rental terms. If you’re not sure how long you need an office for, you can renew your contract month-by-month or six months at a time, compared to traditional office contracts of two years. Or if your team grows from 5 to 20 to 50, you can plan ahead and move into a space to accommodate more employees without worrying about incurring a penalty fee.

The contract terms are also transparent without hidden fees. Since business services are included, there is only a clear-cut monthly rent price.

Included facilities

One of the biggest benefits of business centres is the access to handy shared facilities. In serviced offices, you only share these communal areas, not your private working space with other firms like with co-working spaces. Social breakout areas, business lounges, pantries, phone booths, and meeting rooms give you the operational capacity of a traditional office without the price tag. Shared facilities also offer a stylish and corporate-grade environment for hosting clients.

Zero maintenance/extra costs

Cleaning services and maintenance of the entire premises are taken care of at no extra charge to you. Other extras, like complimentary coffee, tea, and water or administrative services, are also included. Serviced offices have been built from the idea that modern entrepreneurs value efficiency, efficacy, and only paying for what you use. Extra costs are trimmed away so that you can direct funds and energy directly into making your business grow.

Service team

The client services team at business centres usually take care of the following business services to ensure smooth day-to-day operations:
●    Call forwarding
●    Mail handling
●    Maintaining a safe and hygienic work premises
●    Secretarial services

Serviced office service teams look after the maintenance details of running your business. For example, a friendly face at the reception area to greet clients and partners can make all the difference in business deals.

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FAQ about business centres

What is the meaning of 'business centre'?

A business centre, also called a serviced office, is a multi-tenant space offering various kinds of office space. You can find furnished serviced offices for rent in business centres, as well as co-working space, hot desks and shared offices. With all of these, you can enjoy included common facilities like meeting rooms, kitchens, and networking areas.

What kinds of flexible workspace are in business centres?

You can find serviced offices with private or shared workspace, co-working space, hot desks, and shared offices in business centres. These are called ‘flexible workspaces’, because they offer short-term rentals by the day or month and have included business services in their low cost.

What are the pros of business centre offices?

The main advantages of office solutions in business centres are that they come fully furnished and outfitted, give companies the freedom of being agile with flexible contracts, shared facilities, no maintenance or cleaning cost, and are fully manned by client services teams.


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