Published 28 July 2017 Category: Leisure

What does ‘real time’ mean?

All units of measurement have a precise scientific calibration and time is no different. It’s probably an attempt to keep order in a world full of chaos.

OK, here it comes…an interesting fact/geek alert...

A second is defined as the time interval required for 9,192,631,770 transitions between two energy states of the cesium atom to take place.

But we don’t measure seconds like that; not a lot of us anyway.

For fairly obvious reasons, to measure our seconds or even, minutes, hours and days by how we have filled them, what we have achieved and how that makes us feel. We’ve also been around long enough now to fully appreciate that time is actually our most precious commodity, so we must spend it wisely.

We’re all working longer and harder, some of us chose to and some of us have to. Modern technology allows us to work anywhere and at anytime. We’re contactable 24 hours a day and the temptation is to just keep working, dipping into the e-mails, writing up another report, catching up on correspondence we didn’t have time to do when we were actually ‘working’.

But what’s that actually doing to us? We’re more stressed, have less time for our families, spend less time outside and are less fit and healthy as a society than we were even 30 years ago.

Everything is fast now; trains, cars, broadband, food. Most things can happen ‘while you wait’, but you don’t wait – because you’re still working, because you can.

What would happen if you just stopped?
What would happen if you left your smart phone at home or, even better, turned it off and stepped outside and traded your virtual office for the real world? What if, once you were outside, you walked and found yourself on a bustling street, or a hiking trail going uphill; vibrant and alive with people or in nature - peaceful and alive with birdsong? What if you stopped and took in the view, spoke to someone you’ve never met before or bought a cup of coffee and sat down to really appreciate it? What if you took your children, family or friends with you to do this?

The truth is that nothing would happen. The world would not fall apart. Deadlines would still be met, work would still get done. The mundane drudgery associated with living would still all take place.

The truth is that you would feel better.
Better for the time you spent away from the pressure of everyday life and work. Better for the time you spent with yourself or with others. Better aligned to cope with going back to it all.

Time is precious, so make it real.  Don’t be filled with regrets when your allotted quota nears its expiry.