Published: 20 Jul 2020
Updated: 24 Dec 2020
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What Causes Slow Internet Speed in the Office?

What Causes Slow Internet Speed in the Office?

In this day and age, a fast and reliable internet connection is a necessity. Whether you use it for leisure or business purposes, it is important to maintain a state of continual Wi-Fi connection. Offices install wireless internet networks and similar infrastructures to provide their employees with the connectivity they need for uninterrupted work. However, there are various reasons why the internet bandwidth can suffer; and aside from being an utter inconvenience, it results in diminishing productivity.
To prevent slow internet speed, you may want to be preemptive and get to the root of slow internet issues before it gets to you.  

Why is My Internet So Slow?

Slow internet is the bane of productivity in the office. Depending on the reason for slow office internet, the solution can range from simple to complex.  

1. Old Equipment

If you are using an old router or dated computers in the office, they could be the reason behind slow internet Wi-Fi problems. Even if you pay a premium for your internet bandwidth, you could still suffer from slow speed if your infrastructure is not up to par. It is important to upgrade your infrastructure where necessary to keep up with current IT capabilities. 

2. Internet Bandwidth Issues

It is possible that your office bandwidth requirement is higher than what you originally thought was needed. This is one of the most common reasons behind slow internet bandwidth in the office. Consider this especially when your team expands – your bandwidth capacity may not be sufficient to cover your current operational needs; it can’t handle the amount of data that requires transferring. As such, you will experience exceptionally slow internet during peak hours.
Talk to IT professionals to find out what suits your company based on how you operate. With flexible office space providers such as Compass Offices, our professional IT team can help evaluate and setup the bandwidth connection and security features you need for optimum connectivity. For office use, keep in mind to go in favour of a business-grade internet solution as opposed to regular consumer-based plans.

3. Too Many Connecting Devices

Aside from having bandwidth capacity issues, another potential reason behind slow internet speed is the lack of support for multiple devices. In the office, many employees will connect more than one device to the company internet. When there are too many devices trying to connect to a single network, it might be more than what your bandwidth capacity can handle. 

As with the bandwidth issue, address this with IT professionals for suitable bandwidth connectivity to make sure all devices can smoothly connect, or review the amount of connecting devices accordingly.

4. Not Getting the Right Network Support

As mentioned in point 2, it is vital for companies to invest in business-grade internet solutions from ISPs (Internet Service Provider). When talking about the right plan for your business, consider more than just the internet bandwidth and speed. Depending on the nature of a business, an office space can require more than one provider to ensure a resilient connectivity.
At Compass Offices, all our centres are reinforced by multiple internet circuits for seamless backup in case of a single point of failure of an ISP’s network.

Troubleshoot Slow Internet Ahead of Time

Even when your employees are equipped with state-of-the-art devices, they cannot fully capitalise on the capabilities of the given hardware without a fast and stable internet connection.
As businesses are run differently, they may require specific IT infrastructures that works to the best interest of their operations. The expertise of the Compass Offices Enterprise Solutions could prove beneficial where the right network infrastructure is concerned. They can customise IT solutions to meet the individual needs of companies, including setting up dedicated IP address, Gigalink connections, VLAN segmentation for enhanced network security, and initial setup support so companies can hit the ground running.
With workplace productivity depending heavily on reliable internet connection, it is worthwhile to invest in the right equipment, devices, and professional help to troubleshoot even before you think your company needs it.


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