Published 13 December 2017 Category: Entrepreneurs, SMEs, Startups

Ways to Help Another Business Owner

With at least 2 billion people celebrating Christmas around the world, it’s hard not to see how customers (including yours) start thinking about buying stuff not only for themselves but also for their friends when Christmas comes around. A truly magical time – for someone that knows how to prepare for it. Because here at Compass Offices we empower and respect businesses and our clients, including yourself, here are a few ways to help another business owner - not just to make yourself and your visitors smile but also to give yourself the gift of more traffic, and maybe even more leads and business!

- Give them a testimonial. Make it social and do it on LinkedIn or Twitter.

- Tell someone about their business and products/services.

- Shop at their store, online or off.

- Offer some free advice or constructive feedback.

- Offer to mentor a newbie.

- Welcome new business owners to your community - stop by with Christmas treats.

- Send an inspirational or congratulatory card by snail mail.

- Introduce two business owners who may benefit from the connection.

- Promote and feature local small businesses.

- Write a blog about something you learned from another business owner and give them a shout-out.

- Put on a free learning event, such as a lunch and learn, and invite local business owners.

- On Facebook, share their business page with a shout-out.

- Retweet messages from small business owners.

- Call and chat about what they’re up to.

- Share hard lessons learned via your blog or newsletter.

- Host a networking event.

- Invite another small business owner to accompany you to a networking event as your guest.

- Offer rewards for referrals from other small business owners.

- When you see them, smile and ask about their business.

- Help out a charity that another small business owner supports.

- Buy a ticket to an event they are involved with.

- Tweet about them, their products or services, linking to their website.

- Ask them to collaborate with you on a project.

- Tell them they’re a great client, or supplier, or colleague, and why you like to work with them.

- Pay their invoices right away.

In general, we're encouraged to be joyful, charitable, generous, kind, and forgiving—which are all behaviours that run counter to our inclined responses to the stresses caused by holiday shopping, holiday travel, and general holiday interactions. The code of generosity, kindness, and charity toward others is enforced by no one other than ourselves and the above tips, when taken together, pack a powerful punch!