Published: 12 Nov 2015
Updated: 08 Apr 2022
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Virtual Realty - How to Have a Business Address without an Office


For any company in start-up mode, getting your business off the ground comes with all manner of challenges. The internet has made it easier than ever to take a business from an idea to a fully-fledged company, so it’s no wonder more and more companies are being grown from home.

Working from home is great up to a point. You get all the freedom you need, work whatever hours you want, get more done (probably) and save a small fortune on commuting costs. However there comes a point in any new businesses life when they need to be taken seriously, and often that often comes down to how the business world sees you. It’s relatively easy to get a professional website set up, but how do your new found clients get to speak to you? It’s all well and good relying on email, but in most industries customers will want to talk to you sooner or later.

Clearly for most start-ups, diving straight into a serviced office is too big of a commitment in the early days. You’ll need all the cash you can get to invest into your business, spend on marketing etc. This is where a virtual office becomes your voice to the world.

A virtual office gives you a physical presence without having to lease out office space. Plus it also gives you the option of being present in different countries without having to relocate or make time and money-draining overseas trips. So if, for example, you’re based in Singapore but most of your customers are in Australia, a virtual office (or offices) gives you the ability to show your customers a local presence without investing in local rent or property.

Benefits of a virtual office:

Less Risk - Using a virtual office removes the financial risk of needing to invest in property or rented office space and also means you don’t need to employ admin staff to handle relatively minor tasks such as handling calls and mail. You have more time to focus on managing your busy schedule and growing your business.

Locate your business anywhere - a virtual office gives you the ability to locate your business where your customers are, helping you present a local presence in your key territories.

Flexibility – Working from a home office means you can set your own hours, your virtual office front desk team can be instructed when to take messages and when to transfer calls so you can focus on the parts of the day when you’re most productive.

No Commuting – working from a home and using a virtual office to represent your business obviously means no commuting. So less money spent on fuel and public transport, lees stress and less time wasted sitting in a car or train. 

Compass Offices provides a range of packages to fit your virtual office requirements. With our Business Communications package you can have telephone calls answered in a professional manner, giving potential customers immediate reassurance that they’re through to an established, reputable company. Additional services such as mail handling and storage all help to take away some of the administration tasks allowing you to focus on growing your business.

With our Business Address service you can have a registered business address at any of our prestigious locations. Use your virtual office address as your registered business address on paperwork, on your business cards and website, helping to show a regional business presence without needing to leave home!

If you need business address and telephone answering our Virtual Office Business Plus package will give you everything you need. And if you need an office for a certain number of days per month with full access to our stylish pantries and business lounges we can either customise a plan for you, our Premier Virtual Office package includes 5 days each month.



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