Published 30 May 2018 Category: Compass Tips, Email Marketing, Digital Marketing, Startups

Use Email Marketing to Your Benefit

Although many people think email marketing is dying, it’s very much alive and kicking, provided you know the tricks of the trade. Email marketing has long been one of the most effective ways for an organization and an individual to market their products or services, attract leads, retain customers and keep them updated with latest news and information. In fact, if used correctly, emails can be the best direct communication with your customers without being intrusive and annoying. So how do you use direct email marketing to your benefit? Here are some important tips.

1. Aggressive Email Marketing vs Smart Marketing

Until a few years ago, an email campaign was mainly about attracting leads and getting more people to sign up to your services. It was a way of advertising and literally spamming the customer’s inbox with all kinds of deals, promotions and marketing tactics. These methods are not effective today as email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo etc have provided the end user with ample tools to ensure only relevant and useful emails reach their inbox.
Half of your marketing efforts may be wasted if your emails are moving into the Spam or Promotion folder of your audience. That being said, you can still make your email marketing strategy work if you utilize methods that automatically attracts the customer into subscribing to your service. It could be via a great blog post, a landing page, a forum - wherever you can pull in customers to subscribe to you so that your posts can directly reach their primary inbox.

2. Ensuring that You Send Only Valuable Emails to Your Audience ​

Sending multiple emails a day with no real purpose or with the same old marketing fluff will cause your customer to feel annoyed, leading them to unsubscribe. If you want their attention, send emails that have valuable information. Avoid spamming them with useless updates or minor service upgrades. Ideally, an email once a week with information personalized to your customers’ needs will get their attention. Too many emails will drive them to unsubscribe as fast as possible.

3. Provide Your Audience with a Solution to Their Problems

It is often out of habit that businesses send emails solely for the purpose of sales and marketing, however, the audience today is smart enough to detect a salesy email. One of the best ways to email your audience is to highlight the problems they may be facing and what makes your service or product the best solution. People are always looking for solutions that are catered directly to their needs. The best way to convert your email leads into customers is to provide them with a focused solution, based on information you already know about them.

4. Keep the Message of Your Email Personalized in Terms of Tone and Content

When it comes to any email marketing campaign, copywriting plays a fundamental role. Customers are tired of sales language - what they want to read is the words of an actual human who cares for them enough to write them an email and offering to help them solve their problems. It is always best practice to keep the message of your email personalized and communicate with them like you would communicate to a friend or an acquaintance. That being said, don’t go way too overboard either and creep them out with taking their name or giving personal details (that you probably obtained online). Keep the message neutral, yet personalized enough to convince them of your intention. Email marketing in today’s time is a word game that you really have to get right.

5. Keep Your Emails Crisp and Clean

Be careful when using colours, images and animations. If used correctly they can highlight your offer and make your email more entertaining. But too many can make your mail look spammy and even get it blocked by some mail servers. Crisp, clean emails are easier to read. Second, avoid using big, bold fonts or stylized text. Keep the spacing consistent between your content, a font size of 12 and an easy to read font style. Don’t forget to include your signature and your contact information for customers to easily reach out to you.

There you go folks! Email marketing can work well for you, provided you understand your audience and what they need. Show that you’ve taken the time to deliver content that’s relevant to them rather than blasting out the same thing to everyone Emails should be used as a form of providing a solution to a service instead of merely for selling and marketing.