Published 18 August 2017 Category: Compass Tips, Leisure

Twitter For Co-working Entrepreneurs

There are many ways to take advantage of Twitter. Here's a fun list of just 10 ways that you can use Twitter to extend your reach:

Make lists – Lists are a powerful way to organise the best of the best (ie. your very own curated content) and eliminate all the noise and clutter that bothers you about Twitter. USE THEM! See how to use Twitter Lists.

Support your company, your clients, your partners – You want your company to succeed don’t you? Why not share the efforts of your colleagues and give a 'thumbs up' to your clients – after all, they pay your salary! A re-tweet is very simple and fast, a periodic re-tweet of something interesting your company and clients are sharing can go a long way.

Save Money – Saving cash with twitter is simple. Consider following businesses that you frequent regularly, like a breakfast joint, cafe, lunch stop, evening bar or night club, even the corner store.  Save them in a list and browse their tweets periodically. You’ll be amazed how many Twitter specials are offered and they will also likely share details of happy hours and other specials.

Stay Safe – Pretty much every local government, police force, and local emergency response group has a Twitter account. Here you’ll likely see emergency notifications and other bits of information that could be potentially life saving. In times of emergency (think floods, wildfire, typhoons, amber, black alerts etc.) you can optionally set their updates to be pushed to your mobile device for instant notification so you don’t miss anything.

Extended Reach – You can actually use Twitter without using Twitter (if that’s your thing!). Case in point, RSS feeds can be easily pushed to your Twitter account and you can also setup auto posts from other services (think Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) to automatically post to Twitter. You’ve put loads of time and effort into creating your content, why not tell people about it? See Twitter Feed.

Search – Twitter search is real-time and extremely useful, actually, truth be told, many hard core users will admit to you that they now view Twitter search as a replacement to Google! Give it a try, the sky's the limit here and you can even search only for posts that are nearby! See advanced Twitter search.

Notifications – For teams, using Twitter you can create a dedicated team account or a dedicated team hashtag. Members can setup automatic push notices to their mobile to stay informed of important updates. Imagine a change in venue for a lunch out or a meeting. A colleague sends an update to a dedicated account and the entire team is in the know…no more tedious calling, leaving messages or painful email headaches. Setting up mobile notifications.

Shop! - Did you know you could tweet to go shopping? This isn’t really something most of us will consider using, however, some of you may find it very useful. Save any tweeted Amazon link to your shopping cart by replying to it with the hashtag #AmazonCart.

Share Documents – Send a PDF document, PowerPoint presentation, Zip file or other multimedia to your friends via Twitter. Services such as TwileShare and TwitDoclet let you send files to others by uploading it and then tweeting your collaborators.

Schedule – Too busy to Tweet? I know you aren’t but I’m sure you likely think you are, so fear not, you can easily schedule your posts so that you don’t miss out on the distribution of timely notices. The ideal way to schedule tweets is via a third party client like HootSuite or Tweetdeck – See Twitter Support​.

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