Published: 10 Mar 2016
Updated: 14 Apr 2022
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Tips for Businesses in Poland to thrive


With steady economic growth, Poland has the potential to join the club of highly developed countries in the not-so-distant-future. We recently held a discussion with Marek Metrycki, Managing Partner and Chairman of Deloitte in Poland and Board member of Deloitte Central Europe about the Polish economic and how businesses can get ahead.

Here are seven tips for businesses in Poland:

Take up the challenge

The world’s economy may not always be on the sunny side. But Metrycki suggests that the economy is in better shape than ever. So for anyone that’s thinking to go above and beyond for their businesses, go for it!

Repeat this: I am part of an economic system

When you start a business, you better have a good reason than just wanting to be rich. You need to do basic research e.g. learn about the economy you operate in and how it may impact your business. This will set you up for a long journey.

Set direction

Choose a business that you're passionate about. Daniel Vlcek says `Do whatever it takes, whether through attending conferences, reading books, or taking classes to learn as much as you can on your chosen subject. Even if you don't end up being the number-one person in your field, it gives you a great direction to strive toward.’

Don’t be afraid to invest

“We need more capital, more money and more people for investment,” sates Marek. Last year, according to Deloitte’s CE Top 500, 170 firms in Poland earned record revenue compared to firms in their neighboring countries. So, the time is now – but invest wisely.

See future outcomes and don’t be shortsighted

Take your time to learn best practices from other firms. It is important to understand and experience international procedures and strategies. Plan long term, don’t be afraid to dream.

Open to global ideas

Cultural difference is an important topic within a business environment. Mareksays, “Companies should learn from other cultures to also increase their international standard.” Talk and communicate, be open to new events, provide opportunity for learning languages and build an international team.

Appreciate the work of others

Try to build a multicultural economy. Appreciate the work of others, give them a chance and provide opportunity. Anyone can bring new ideas and fresh insight or knowledge to your team.

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