Published 23 March 2018 Category: Entrepreneurs, SMEs, Startups, Business, Sales

The Coolest Google Chrome Browser Extensions For Salespeople

Are you leveraging Google Chrome extensions when prospecting? A few good browser extensions can go a long way, and can make a huge difference to the whole process. The right extensions can make you more productive, help you find quality prospects more easily, and enable you to spend less time doing it, so you can focus on nurturing those prospects into paying customers.

In this post, we’re sharing some of the best Google Chrome browser extensions for salespeople. 
The list includes:

  • Sales prospecting tools

  • Extensions to help you find prospects’ contact information

  • Email browser extensions

  • Browser extensions for increased productivity and task management

  • Research and analytics extensions


LinkedIn Sales Navigator
You may already be familiar with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator - but whether you’ve tried it or not, you can still get the Sales Navigator browser extension, as it works both for those who have a regular, free LinkedIn account, and those who have the LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool.

And depending on your plan, you’ll get different benefits and features:
• Regular LinkedIn account - See a profile for any of your Gmail contacts by hovering over their email address - you’ll get to see important information from their LinkedIn profile directly without having to leave Gmail, including your shared connections and their work experience.

• Sales Navigator account - If you have full access to LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can use the extension to quickly save your contacts as leads, and you have access to 'TeamLink' which helps to find any common connections with prospects so you can get an introduction.

Datanyze Insider sales prospecting
Datanyze Insider is a simple, yet highly useful tool for sales prospecting.  Whenever you're on a company website, all you have to do is click on the extension to get a wealth of useful information to prepare you for contacting your leads:

• See, at a glance, important information about the company, such as their location and contact details, as well their revenue bracket, how many employees they have, and how much they’ve spent on tech.

• Quickly access social and technology insights about the company - Plus, you can also highlight a person’s name to see if you can find their contact details, and add and export contacts to add to your CRM tool.


The Lusha Chrome extension helps you find direct contact information for your sales prospects - both email and phone numbers, and works with Twitter and LinkedIn.

The extension appears as a small icon whenever you’re visiting a Twitter or LinkedIn profile, and lets you know whether they have any contact details in their database. If they do, just click on it to see what’s there. There are both free and paid plans, and you don’t have to spend a credit unless you click on “show” next to the contact information, so you don’t unnecessarily spend credits when you don’t need to.

The best part is it doesn’t just find their company emails, but also their direct emails and phone numbers.

The Hunter Chrome extension, just like Lusha, helps you find contact information – the big difference being, Hunter only finds company email addresses. The tool can be used on any website you want and if the icon is colored orange, it means it’s found some emails for that particular company, so you can click on it to check the results.

Sometimes, you also get a name with the email to help you understand whose it is, but not all the time. Additionally, you might encounter quite a few out-of-date emails, but Hunter combats this by giving all emails a quality score to let you know how likely it is that email is still in use.

SalesHandy email tracking
Depending on your SalesHandy plan, you get different features with the Chrome extension, but the main way you can use this tool is to track your sales emails in Gmail to see whether they’ve been read by the recipient or not. You can even get desktop notifications anytime someone opens and reads one of your emails.

The tool has a lot of other handy features as well:

  • Schedule emails to send later

  • Automatically BCC all of your emails to your CRM to track them

  • Access email analytics to find out email open rates

  • Get information on the recipient, such as their location, the device they’re using to open, as well as the exact time they opened it

  • Set up automated follow-up emails

  • Track email attachments and documents


Google Calendar
If you use Google Calendar to plan your meetings and set reminders, you can also use the free Chrome extension to quickly access it whatever page you’re on. This way, you can:

  • Quickly set reminders to contact any sales prospects you discover

  • Check your availability and schedule on the go

  • Add events to your calendar with a couple of clicks

Todoist: To-do List and Task Manager
With over 40k reviews, Todoist is one of the most popular Chrome extensions for task management – and with good reason.

First off, you can use it to quickly access all of your tasks and to-dos with one click, as well as add new tasks (like researching or contacting a prospect you’ve discovered). You can even add websites as tasks if you found a company you want to research later, and complete existing tasks directly from your Chrome browser.

Another cool thing for salespeople is that you can collaborate and assign tasks to others. So if someone finds an interesting company or prospect, they can easily assign it to the salesperson that needs to research and begin the nurturing process.

Plus – it also works while you’re offline.


Alexa Traffic Rank
So, you’ve found a company’s website that looks promising. What now? With the free Alexa Traffic Rank extension, you can quickly check relevant Alex traffic data directly from your browser. Find out what their Alexa rank is, how many reviews they have (and their total star rating), get search analytics - you can even see what the website used to look like (not necessarily relevant, but a very cool feature indeed). Another useful piece of information is that you can find related links – so you might also find some other, equally interesting companies to look at.

Data Scraper – Easy web scraping
The Data Scraper Chrome extension is a powerful data extraction tool that you can use to scrape any HTML web page. You can use it to scrape pretty much everything, and upload to Google Sheets and Excel:

  • Get emails and UID from personal and professional social media profiles as well as email, addresses, and phone numbers from website directories

  • On eCommerce sites, quickly scrape all price and product information

  • Search results from search engines

And these are just some of the ways you can use this extension - what’s more, you can also use this tool with your preferred CRM software.

Good Luck and Happy Prospecting!