Published 04 October 2016 Category: Business, Podcasts

The 10 Best Business Podcasts

Whether you’re CEO of a multi-national company or an entrepreneur carefully nurturing a budding start-up, your time is money. So what better way to maximise your career and your business’ potential than with a bit of sneaky multitasking on your daily commute?

These are ten of the best business podcasts to educate, inform and keep your finger firmly on the pulse of worldwide business trends… all from the comfort of your cab ride.
1. BBC Business Daily
Whether it’s an in-depth look at the rise and fall of Finland’s once-leading tech firm Nokia, to the wider impact of feminism in the workplace, the BBC World Service’s Business Daily provides a reliably balanced overview of some of the bigger issues that global businesses face today.
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2. Dorm Room Tycoon
In this series of interviews, host William Channer speaks to industry leaders from business, design and technology backgrounds about their start-ups. Endlessly fascinating, the Dorm Room Tycoon podcast is packed with valuable information for those who are looking to launch their own business.
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3. Mixergy
Get the inside scoop on startups direct from some of the biggest names in the business world. Mixergy hosts interviews from the founders of LinkedIn, Sun Microsystems, Pixar and Groupon, to name but a few.
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4. Inside PR
Unpick the world of PR and Social Media with this weekly podcast that gets you on the right track, jargon-free. If you’re in charge of your company’s marketing and communications output, then this podcast is an absolute must-listen.
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5. Duct Tape Marketing
The Duct Tape Marketing podcast focuses on smart and simple solutions that will improve your marketing reach without needing to spend big bucks. There’s tips and Q&A sessions from successful industry insiders, alongside general information on optimising your marketing reach.
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6. BBC The Bottom Line
Another valuable broadcast from the BBC stable, The Bottom Line is a weekly panel discussion show presented by renowned journalist Evan Davis. Guests are experts in their fields and debate topics from marketplace longevity to wearable technology and more.  
Download via the BBC Radio 4 website

7. Mom Biz Solutions
Hosted by Lara Galloway, who has been a women’s business coach for over a decade, the Mom Biz podcast casts an honest eye over some of the issues that female entrepreneurs may face when it comes to balancing a business with family life. Lara is honest, straightforward and a great advocate of female business owners.
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8. The Economist Radio
Brought to you by the venerable magazine of the same name, The Economist’s own podcast casts its net far and wide in the search for topical, insightful and informed business coverage. With a combination of in-depth reports on everything from the economic impact of drug cartels to a bite-sized roundup series that picks apart the week’s business highlights, this is an essential addition to any serious businessperson’s information bank.
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9. Entrepreneur on Fire
This award-winning podcast is updated daily by host John Lee Dumas, tackling topics as diverse as “how to outsource to a virtual assistant” to “how to create a story around your brand”. With a staggering 650 Entrepreneur on Fire interviews available to download, there’s an expert answer to every conceivable question.
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10. HBR IdeaCast
Broadcast from the Harvard Business Review, HBR IdeaCast is the thinking entrepreneur’s stop for intelligent, insightful and relevant business information, with a particular focus on HR issues. Whether you’re looking for interview tips, learning how to give constructive feedback or looking for conflict management advice, this podcast is packed with real-life examples to put into practice.
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