Published 13 September 2016 Category: Worklife, Workplace

Why all of Sydney and Melbourne should adopt a flexi work culture

Flexible arrangements in the workplace – giving employees control over the time and location of their work – encourages work-life balance and in turn can lead to increased productivity. For Australia’s two largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne, this is an ideal model for businesses to take and fits perfectly into the existing culture.
Though the two cities may have a longstanding rivalry, both are united in being desirable places to live and work. Amazing beaches, enjoyable weather all year round, great food and a diverse culture makes these two areas a dream stop for businesses and individuals alike.

It’s not all play and no work though! Australia is paving the way for flexible work culture globally, with major companies like ANZ Bank and the Australian Stock Exchange giving employees the option of work flexibility. Employees there can change their work hours or even their work location, to account for childcare or family responsibilities, or personal issues. We love this idea and think these companies should set the precedent for a flexi work culture.


Here’s why the scheme is hugely beneficial.

It’s great for families and relieves pressure off parents.
Not only does a flexi work plan benefit those with small children or elderly parents in need of care, but it also balances gender roles. Instead of making it a responsibility that falls solely on the female, both men and women would be able to take time off to take care of family needs. As well, childcare would be less of an issue for some women who are struggling between career and family.
There is already an active post-work workout / activities culture.
People in Australia are quite active, whether it comes to all sorts of sports or activities.  By allowing employees to juggle their time, they can go in as early as 7am and leave when their work is done, with time to catch a few waves at the beach. Australia is an island surrounded by nature, why not take advantage?
Both cities generally start early – which is great for morning birds, but not so much for nocturnal habits.
Most companies in Australia start earlier compared to other cities in the world. While Europe and the U.S. tend to start around 9am, offices in AU can begin as early as 7:30am or 8am. However, for those not inclined to get such an early start, this can be detrimental. Giving employees the freedom to choose the hours they function most optimally benefits both their personal life as well as the company’s efficiency. 
People travel a lot.
It’s known that Australians are well-traveled. Why? They get a lot of paid leave (around one-month to be exact), and are financially sound to jet set around the world.  While this is a great part of the culture, it means that people are often taking a month off work completely. With a flexi work plan, employees can work, even if they are not in the country.