Published 30 August 2016 Category: Interns

#CompassIntern: summer holiday to learn about marketing

We recently hosted a University of California student, Michael Chow interning at the Marketing department in Compass Offices. From helping the team to re-launch the latest Compass Offices website, to design and create creative images, to play around with social media, Michael had done it all.
For five weeks during his Summer holiday, the candidate of a degree in Economics was learning more about marketing and the concept of growth hacking. Reminiscing about his time with the team, “I feel comfortably welcomed when I first joined the team. During the internship I’ve acquired certain new skills and knowledge. I enjoyed working in a fast-pace business environment with a team that always supports me. I wish I could stay longer if I wouldn’t have college study to continue.”
He added, “The team provided me lots of learning opportunities, I’m delighted and satisfied with the journey in Compass Offices. Of course, thank Brian, Aileen, Chatrine, Kerry for taking good care of me. I will be BACK!”
We’ll certainly look forward to welcome him back!