Published: 18 May 2020
Updated: 30 Aug 2021
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Spotlight on Central #2 – From Working to Living

Spotlight on Central #2 – From Working to Living

Much can be said for operating a company out of the Central Hong Kong financial district, as we have visited in our article here.

What is often overlooked though are the advantages to living adjacent to the district. You can find a surprising amount of housing available in Mid-levels Central, just above Central and below the Peak. Mid-levels flats for rent are mainly high-rise style flats.

The Mid-levels is associated with Central for reasons more than just proximity. It shares the same outsized appeal and renown as the nearby financial district and, in fact, many of those key people in the district make the Mid-levels their home.

While a densely populated area, you’ll find the serviced apartments in Central offer secure and luxurious living and unparalleled convenience both for work and living. Not only that, you’ll also find housing easier to locate than you might expect.

Ease of Travel

Pedestrian escalators in Mid-levels offer quick access to Central, making commutes for those working in the financial district a welcome thing of the past. That time spent commuting can be spent elsewhere for new residents as the area offers more than just home to work convenience.

Residents will find the famous dining and nightlife of SoHo within easy walking distance as well. In fact, this ready access to quality entertainment is one of the draws of the Mid-levels, which account for a lot of the younger professionals who make the area their home.

Residents also enjoy easy access to the train systems connecting the whole of Hong Kong. For those travelling further abroad, the area also offers close access to the ferry terminals to Macau, Airport Express, and the high-speed rails to China. Whether residents need to just get across the city or across the globe, Mid-levels have steady access to travelling conveniences.

Lifestyle & Retail

For Mid-levels' dwellers, there is no scarcity when it comes to shopping, available in its immediate vicinity and SoHo. In fact, shopping in SoHo can be a real exploration as you can find boutique retailers and names not usually found in malls. Art aficionados can find galleries to peruse and after hours in SoHo will open up an avenue of upscale restaurants and sophisticated bars, making shopping just the tip of the iceberg for a day’s adventure.

As a bonus, expats in the Mid-levels can also find grocers in the area that carries staple items they will be familiar with, such as Oliver's the Delicatessen, A&M US Groceries, Gateway Supermarket, and Marks & Spencer Food.

Residents hardly have a reason to leave the district. This makes Mid-levels a particularly sought-after spot for those from abroad. Moving from another country can be challenging, so finding amenities that have a taste of home can make the transition slightly easier.

An Address of Choice

While finding apartments for rent in Central can be daunting, those seeking superior housing can still find affluent residential areas in the Mid-Levels connected by the Mid-Levels Escalator directly to SoHo and many Central landmarks. That in itself makes the area a top consideration for those who are just shifting to Hong Kong. Coupled with the ready access to the financial district and being surrounded by quality shopping, finding apartments for rent in Central is as much a matter of convenience as quality of living. For sheer style, elegance and access few areas in Hong Kong can compete with the Mid-levels.


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