Published: 01 Jun 2020
Updated: 26 Nov 2020
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Spotlight on Central #4 – Tailored for Success

Spotlight on Central #4 – Tailored for Success

In the 17th century, theologian Thomas Fuller said “good clothes open all doors”.

Fast forward to the present, powerbrokers still understand that a good, professional appearance is key when representing oneself and as a good reflection of their organisation. If you’ve ever wondered where in Hong Kong to get prim and polished, you’ll be pleased to know the Central district will have you covered.

From boutique barbers to bespoke suits, Central can take care of all your sartorial needs. You can start with Bespoke Tailors of Hong Kong and the Manning Company Bespoke Tailors to cut a good outfit, and accessorise from name brands at the IFC Mall and The Landmark.

Finding the Right Look

If you have your right business styles in your repertoire, the next you would want is the look to go with it. Fortunately, there are plenty of barber shops in Central as well as salons in Central to make sure you look just as sharp as the clothes you wear.

Check out Selvedge Barbers conveniently located on Pottinger Street for a fresh cut and a professional look. For the ladies, Glow Hong Kong or Indulge are some salons of a higher-end available in the city.

Keeping Everything Looking Perfect

With a complete wardrobe, you’d want to keep them new and intact, crisp and fresh. You’ll find no shortage of dry cleaners in Central that are up to the task.

Dry cleaning in Central is no trouble as modern services from venues like Boni and Jeeves will pick up your laundry and deliver when its done at a time of your convenience, catering to the busy and on-the-go lifestyles of the Central demographic.

Don’t Forget the Shoes

From the soles to the soul, let’s not forget the cherry on top of the icing – the footwear that goes with your outfit. Like proper clothes maintenance, shoes deserve an upkeep of their kind as well. You’ll find lots of choices when it comes to shoe shiners in Central.

There’s the likes of The Polishing Lounge or TASSELS for full detailing and upscale services where you can rest and relax, and for those in a hurry or favour more modest assistance, Central has traditional shoe shine stalls to get you a little more shine as you get on the go.

Look the Part

If you’re new to Hong Kong and doing business in the Central financial district, you may find the importance of looking professional more significant than you’re used to. You’d want to dress for success and be taken seriously from top to toe. Invest in what is necessary for good measure to up the way you carry yourself and the impression you make on others – it may not be a necessity, but it’s a strong plus to have.

Fortunately, Central Hong Kong is always ready for business, and we don't just mean the looks. The variety of quality office spaces in great locations, transportation, and amenities is more than what will suit your needs. 


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