Published 21 June 2017 Category: Compass Tips, Workplace

Shared Office Space Etiquette

To help cultivate a positive coworking environment where space, amenities and services are shared, mutually respected and even made more enjoyable by interaction with complete strangers, here are a few insights on workplace etiquette in a shared space.

The Importance of Etiquette in a shared space
Be a nice human. It’s actally quite simple. In a shared space people are expected to be responsible for themselves. The most important thing is to be mindful of others, whether colleagues, complete strangers or even competitors. Treat your fellow coworkers as you would like to be treated and leave the space as you would like to find it.

Shared Office Etiquette
Etiquette is no different to what’s expected in any office environment or collaborative hub: keep noise levels down, follow the office kitchen rules, avoid foul or inappropriate language and be an all-round decent person. Careless or disruptive individuals can work against the carefully crafted ambience of a shared environment, which is why it’s so important for the rules and values of a shared office space to be properly communicated.

Here are some top dos and don’ts:


  • Make an effort to network and interact with others
  • Accept advice and constructive criticism from others
  • Use the support systems and facilities on offer
  • Make sure you leave communal areas how you found them
  • Be a positive presence and contribute to the community


  • Shut yourself away or avoid the rest of the members
  • Abuse communal spaces
  • Make unnecessarily loud noise
  • Book out meeting rooms for long recurring meetings

Establishing Ground Rules
Etiquette is an essential consideration and expectations of conduct need to be clearly communicated to everyone. We can all do this by establishing a set of rules that are clear and concise. However, too many rules will lead to people forgetting them and ultimately not abiding by them.

Privacy in a Shared Space
One of the biggest challenges that operators face, from a social aspect, is ensuring that they’re creating a community feel while at the same time offering privacy as and when needed. Coworking is notoriously sold on the premise that there are fantastic networking opportunities and the chance to work in a pleasant and social environment. However, every company at some point ultimately wants to be able to work and discuss elements of the business with a degree of privacy. With Serviced Offices you get your privacy minus the distractions plus you’ll get a lot more done.

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