Published: 31 Oct 2019
Updated: 20 Dec 2023
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Nailing the Office Relocation: Mind the Logistics, Clients and Employees


There are many ways for a business to offset costs and office relocation is among the most impactful. It’s also among the most challenging from a planning standpoint.
The benefits of moving your office — especially moving it abroad in some cases — can easily be worth the effort. If the right safeguards are implemented and the move is planned carefully, there’s no reason it can’t go smoothly. Use this office relocation checklist to make your move as painless as possible.

Plan the Move

Moving an entire office is never an inexpensive process. It will take its toll both directly on your finances, and indirectly through all the billable hours that will be lost.
The main things to consider when moving offices are the costs and location. It’s best to leave the lion’s share of office move logistics to a moving company that can provide an acceptable quote. The price of the move is a function of its size, so moving company’s estimates will largely depend on it. The decision then comes down to picking a company that’s best equipped to deal with your move.
Some companies specialise in certain kinds of office setups. If you’re in IT, it’s advisable to pick a company that is experienced in moving that kind of office.
Setting a semi-flexible budget is a good idea. To avoid any surprise expenses, make sure you pick a company that can provide a turnkey price and a plan. That will help a lot to accurately estimate total moving costs and prepare for the move more easily.
When picking a location, you have to take your key needs into account. When looking at office spaces, consider security, network access, access restrictions, etc. Have in mind that not every office will have all amenities that your business needs. Things like proximity to certain trade hubs might also be a concern for you.
You should think about all your momentary needs, of course. It is also good to consider the long-term needs to avoid another move within a short period.
If you’re moving your office abroad, there is an extra level of detail that has to be resolved. Again, the best thing to do is engage a moving company that specialises in moving offices of your type.

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Discuss the Move Internally

The people most impacted should be the first to learn about the move. It’s best to give an office move notice to employees as soon as you make the final decision to move.
Managing an office move is not a trivial task. You’ll need all the help you can get, and that might include putting together an office relocation task force. The sooner you can involve your employees, the more time they will have to get used to the idea.
Office relocation is tough and some employees won’t be able to relocate with it. You’ll need to take that into account, as well. Therefore, it’s crucial to inform the affected employees as early as possible.
Before the move takes place, make sure all employees know what their responsibilities will be in the new place. It will take some time for the employees to adapt to the new working environment. Often the biggest benefit of moving offices is a morale boost for employees. A new space often paves the way for new avenues of collaboration and communication.
In short, ensure that expectations are clear for all employees as far as their responsibilities during and after the move, and do so as soon as you can. 

Tell Your Partners and Clients

If it’s mismanaged, an office move could mean the loss of some key business connections. When you’re ready, make the office move announcement to clients along with the explanation how it will impact your relationship.
In an ideal scenario, most or all of your client relationships will continue to work the same way they used to. But your clients are not the only ones that the move will affect. You also need to take your suppliers, affiliates, and other partners into account. For the most part, it shouldn’t be a problem to keep working with the same organizations but it’s a good idea to give them time to prepare for your move.
As soon as the location is decided on, send out your new address to all relevant partners and clients. In the last few weeks prior to the move, you can start updating all your company’s listings. After the move, make sure your address is fully updated. That includes websites and social media accounts, of course, as well as services like Google and Yelp.

Get It Right from the Start

There’s no reason for office relocation to be excessively disruptive to the normal flow of your business. It’s definitely going to be a big effort and an exercise in teamwork, planning, and organisation. However, if you follow these office relocation tips you will be in your new office before you know it.


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