Published 28 November 2018 Category: Marketing Tips, Small Business, Marketing Campaigns, Customer Relationship Management

Leveraging the Holidays in Your Marketing Campaign

Come the holiday season and businesses around the world take on a festive mood both online and in real-time. Christmas campaigns are planned well in advance to attract the audience with sales, discounts and special holiday offers. Although the holiday season is deemed fairly slow in terms of business prospects, it is also a great season to get a good amount of sales especially if you have a robust Christmas campaign ready. Want to experiment with a Christmas marketing campaign? Here are a few things you could do.

Start Adding Holiday Themed Graphics to Your Website

Want to attract your customers with Christmas deals? The first step is to enhance your social media profiles and company website with Christmas elements. A special Christmas pop-up offer, a Christmas themed header, cover photo etc are all some cool stuff you can do for Christmas. B2B and B2C companies also use this occasion to create seasonal landing pages offering a discount, a sale or special promo-codes that they can use on certain services/products until the end of December.

Offer Free or Personalized Christmas Gifts

Although the purpose is to maximize your sales by leveraging on the holiday season, it is always better to go beyond the scope of sales. Give your audience free gift guides, coupons or giveaways for the season. Be willing to give in order to receive as Christmas is really the season of giving. Offer your products to influencers and bloggers as part of a Christmas campaign and watch as people begin promoting your business!

Create a Local Christmas Event if You Have a Local Audience

If you run a business with a local audience, Christmas can be a great time to build customer bonding. Arrange for a Christmas party and invite your customers/clients for a get-together. You can even sponsor tickets to a local play or event for valuable clients. Not only will this show you care, but will also be a great way to have people know about your work and the services you provide.

Create a Well-Planned Christmas Campaign

Usually, businesses make the mistake of offering impromptu discounts nearer the holidays and then feel disappointed if sales don’t happen. To take advantage of the season, it is advisable to create a well-planned Christmas campaign way in advance. December is a critical month and you should start with your campaign from the last week of November. Prepare people to expect amazing discounts or special offers from the beginning of December. Ideally, you want sales to start trickling in from the start of December right until the mid of Jan when the season is over. If you don’t start from the beginning, you’ll not be able to reach your target and your efforts may go to waste.

Connect with Influencers to Share Your Seasonal Offerings  

Connect with local bloggers and Instagram influencers to spread word about your special giveaways. Remember, your purpose is to maintain the flow of sales during the holiday season and whatever gifts or seasonal offers you’re distributing should be able to give a reasonable ROI.

Keep Your Data Analytics Strong

Without proper metrics and measurement structures in place, you’ll face a hard time figuring out whether your campaign was a success or not. Data analytics can help you predict behaviors, understand the impact of your campaigns and help you plan for the future. One of the most critical parts of a Christmas marketing campaign is the measurement of effort and the ROI over time, effort and money invested.

The holiday season is one of the most lucrative times of the year and if you can really get into the spirit of the season with smart marketing campaigns, you can achieve more than just sales - brand loyalty, fans, page likes, subscribers are all likely to increase double fold!