Published 08 August 2018 Category: Influencer Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Key Opinion Leader

Lessons to Learn from Kylie Jenner’s $900M Cosmetics Empire: The Power of Influencer Marketing

If you use the internet and don’t live under a rock then you’re probably well-aware of who Kylie Jenner is. She has been named by Forbes as America’s richest self-made millionaire, with a billion dollar company – Kylie Cosmetics – to her name. She is from the Instagram age and smartly leverages the social media following with hourly pouty selfies and videos, announcing new cosmetic shades and product launches.

Even if you are remotely business minded, you will have to give Kylie Jenner the credit for making some of the smartest marketing moves. Kylie launched her makeup line only 3 years back but it has already estimated to have accrued $630 million. And while there is no denying her family name, connections and her social media influence (with a 110 million fan base), we have got to admit that she knows how to market her cosmetics line. However, becoming social savvy doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes strategy and a keen understanding of influencer marketing to hit a seven-figure impact every single time you post on social media and Kylie Jenner seems to know how to do all of that.

What is the Instagram marketing strategy which has made her a key opinion leader in social media? Here’s a look at some interesting ways Kylie Jenner uses influencer marketing:

Know Your Target Audience

Kylie Jenner created her business using her most famous assets – her cosmetically enhanced lips. Her popular product, Kylie’s Lip Kit, is a pack containing a liquid lipstick and lip liner of the same shade which retails for $29 and targets the younger generation, vowing to give them the same pouty famous lips as hers. Kylie’s audience predominantly consists of young women from Generation X and Generation Y, which makes things easier for her as these generations are completely at home with social media and the technology. She took the factors that make her unique from her family and used it smartly to make her products stand out.

Hangout Where They Do

In order for you to click with the right audience, you need to first be present where your target audience hangs out the most. In Kylie Jenner’s case, it’s Instagram and Snapchat. In case, you haven’t noticed, Kylie is super active on both these networks specifically, updating her photos and videos several times a day. This is how she keeps her audience engaged and interested.

Use the Scarcity Tactic

Before the launch of her first pop-up store, the Kylie Lip Kits sold out while restocked products by Kylie Cosmetics are known to sell out within minutes of launch on the website. How? Kylie used a genius scarcity technique called ‘the drop’ which allows her to influence her growing audience. She builds hype before the release of a product. The audience’s interest is spiked by announcing limited numbers of stock and limited sales windows, making the products exclusive and leading to an ultimate increase in demand.

Educate Them with Content

Kylie is known to use video to educate her audience every time there is a new product coming out. She creates makeup tutorials on YouTube to showcase new lipstick shades, highlighters and eyeshadows and guides her community by breaking down the makeup in a simplified manner. Her makeup tutorials get millions of views and her fan base loves recreating her looks. Since these videos are posted before release of the actual product, coupled with sneak peeks, it creates a huge hype for the products way before they go on sale to the hungry audience.

Advertising has Nothing on Influencer Marketing

It helps that Kylie Jenner has a huge social media following, specifically on Snapchat and Instagram. Her social media accounts are some of the most followed in the world which gives her a huge platform to build the demand for her products on. Each of her social media post has an ad equivalent value of an estimated $1,000,000 per post. Kylie uses social media to connect to her audience instead of using it just to market her products, she sometimes features her fans on her Instagram feed and even shares some of her problems with the audience through it. This enables her followers to connect with her on a more personal level rather than a celebrity one – making her more likeable.

With such smart influencer marketing moves, who needs advertising?