Published 07 November 2018 Category: Social Media, Instagram Marketing, Digital Marketing

Instagram Marketing Tips: Scheduling Posts, the Best Time to Post & More

New to Instagram marketing? Want to know tips and tricks to make Instagram work for you? Here’s just the guide you’ve been looking for.
Anyone new to Instagram marketing is often overwhelmed with the mechanics of it especially since most confuse it to be as easy as posting on Facebook. Instagram however, is an entirely different ball game. The audience, their preferences, and their interaction with the network is different than those with Facebook. It’s a classic mistake then to think that just because your Facebook marketing works well, Instagram will be easy breezy. Instagram has its own mechanics which you need to follow if you want to do well. So how do you go about with your first Instagram marketing endeavor? Here are some tips to follow through.

1. Understand the Audience

There are more than 500 million Instagram users across the globe! That’s a HUGE figure and one that holds unlimited potential if you only know how to tap right into it. The problem is, you’re already competing with a million other businesses and users who want to get a pie of that potential. In the midst of so much competition, how should you stand out from the crowd? What is your recipe for success? The first step to this is, understanding your audience and their demographics. It becomes a lot easier to tap into the crowd when you know the kind of audience you’re serving and what their preferences are. A classic mistake newbies make is to focus on the posting and the content, but not on the audience!

2. Know When is the Best Time to Post on Instagram

What you post doesn’t automatically pop on to the users’ feed. Instagram’s algorithmic timeline means the channel’s algorithms decide when your post is shown on users’ newsfeed. Timing, therefore is one of the most crucial factors when planning your Instagram marketing strategy. According to a research from CoSchedule Mondays and Thursdays drive the most engagement on social media. That being said, it is always wiser to measure your own analytics and identify the times your target audience is most active. This is also why knowing demographics is important as different demographics represent different user behaviors and usage time.

3. Create a Content Calendar

To schedule Instagram posts, you first need to have a robust content calendar. Remember, social media posting has to be consistent. Create a plan and decide on your schedule on which days to post what kind of content and how to go about it. Tie your content strategy to your calendar and ensure that you have everything ready before the start of the week. Spend your work days in responding to queries, promoting the business and measuring analytics instead of randomly and haphazardly posting content.

4. Great Visual Style

Unlike Facebook and other social media channels out there, Instagram is purely based on aesthetics. The more appealing your visual aesthetics, the better your chances of securing a great following. Instagrammers love connecting directly with brands and the more a brand showcases attractive content, the higher the engagement and the following. Have a consistent brand theme and visual style. Remember, with Instagram, the quality of visual content cannot be undermined or compromised.

5. Create Instagram Marketing Goals

Most businesses go on Instagram without a strategy in hand. Other than showing latest products what else do you want to achieve from Instagram? Leads to your website? Purchases? Brand loyalty? Identify at least 3 major goals you want to achieve and create your marketing strategy based on these goals. It’s always important to have goals or measurable KPIs tied to your Instagram marketing strategy. Without goals and measurable results, your marketing efforts may go into vain and may not produce the ROI needed.

As you initiate the process, you’ll have to keep up with different experiments and measure results to decide what kind of content works for your business. It may not be an overnight success and you may have to keep exploring but with the right goals and strategy, you can be on your way to a brand with millions of followers!