Published 13 October 2016 Category: Compass Events, Digital

#CompassLaunchpad: How to target, analyze and monetize your audience on social media

As part of our Launchpad series, Compass hosted a joint event with Communications Director & Instructor at BSD Code & Design Academy Sophia Nazer. The digital marketing expert gave useful tips for entrepreneurs and businesses to optimize their online marketing strategy.

In a nutshell, if you’re not using your business’s social media platform as a way to analyze and increase your audience, you’re not using social media to its full potential! This is how you can make the leap from crawling and walking around on social networks to running and thriving.  Here are three simple steps to target, analyze, grow and monetize your business’s audience.  

1. Target your audience: Tag other people and companies, use hashtags wisely!  
First, effective tagging can help users find related content online. It can also increase your SEO (search engine optimization). Tagging on Facebook posts can boost awareness of a partner Page – and can increase views if others share it – while tagging on Twitter can help you establish your organization as generator of knowledge.

Along the same lines, stay on top of trending or appropriate hashtags. If for example, you work in the fashion industry, research what is used by other fashion bloggers or instagrammers. Hashtags like #OOTD (outfit of the day) are widely used and searched for. Throwing the right ones in the mix increases the chance of your post being seen.

2. Analyze your audience: Use free tools like Facebook Page Insights and Google Analytics.

If you have a business page set up on Facebook, use Insights to your advantage! Facebook Insights is an extremely useful tool to gauge user interaction on your fan page. Facebook Insights can help you see the best time and day to post, what content is popular and how you’re faring in comparison to your competitors.  All the information is kept up to date, and reports can be downloaded (for free!).

Similarly, Google Analytics is a valuable web analytics service for your website with different models that you can pay for.  Integrated with AdWords, Google Analytics allows users to review online campaigns by tracking landing page quality and conversions.

3. Sell to your audience: Sell your products directly through social media posts

Did you know that not only can you create ads on social media, you can sell directly on it? Popular social media networks like Facebook and Instagram can connect consumers directly to the product or service you’re selling, meaning they can view your ad, press a button and be a happy customer all within a matter of minutes!
Best of all, you can also track how well your ads on faring and the click through rate. This allows you to see the type of post and visual that is compelling enough for your audience to click “buy.”