Published 05 September 2018 Category: Compass Tips, Content Marketing, Blogging

How to Start Blogging (Both Personal and for Your Business)

Blogging has been a buzzword almost since the invention of the internet, but, it still remains elusive to most people today. Can I really earn money blogging? Do I need a blog for my website? Does my business need a blog? How to start a blog? These are questions that people still ask and despite a plethora of information available, there is no one-size fit all answer. The reason being that blogging is not as easy as it seems and even though there are multiple platforms, tools, and services to use, you still can’t become a billionaire through your blog.
So why do people still want to blog? Simply because the incentive for blogging is no longer monetary benefits but for brand exposure and sharing of ideas/experiences and even stories. If you want to share genuine content, a blog is the best way to get started.  To start a blog, here are a few important tips:

Identify Your Purpose and Your Motivations in Starting a Blog

Whether for personal or for business, in order to start a blog, you need to first identify the purpose of having a blog and how it is tied to your business or personal objectives. Following that, you need to figure out whether you will have the time, commitment, effort and the budget to build a blog that delivers on certain key performance indicators. When you start a blog, most of the effort lies in the initial steps while the later steps are merely the efforts you put into building and maintaining momentum.

Get into the Technical Side of Things

To own your blog may seem relatively easy with the multiple options and tools we have today, but these options still require you to have basic knowledge of things like getting a domain name, a web hosting, a blogging platform, and eventually integrating with Google Analytics etc. There are hundreds of tutorials you can find online where you can learn how to purchase a domain, a web hosting or a blogging platform. There are also different types of free platforms such as WIX, Squared, Wordpress Blog, Blogger etc where you can easily start your own blog without having to go into too many technicalities. The downside to these freebies is that some of their features are limited so eventually if you want to do more than just write, you’ll need to invest some money to be able to do more.

Learn How to Write a Blog

Many of us are aspiring writers, many of us are experts and many of us are simply writing because we find it therapeutic. However, when it comes to writing a blog, one of the most important things to understand is you’re writing for a global audience. You never know when any of your content pieces can shoot to fame, when you could touch someone’s life with what you write and so on. Therefore, the secret to writing a great blog post is by putting out real, authentic, original content that reflects your philosophy or vision and can also be helpful for people who are reading your posts.

How to Earn Money with Your Blog

A decade ago, it may have been pretty easy to earn money via ads and affiliate marketing through your blog. Today though, the competition is extremely high and the stakes are even higher. You can hardly earn hundreds of dollars through Google ads anymore especially since Google has been introducing search engine reforms that no longer allows blogs to easily make money. It is only the blogs with high traffic, high quality content and high social sharing that can see monetary benefits. Therefore, if you want to earn money with your blog, you will have to put in considerable effort to create a stellar looking blog, have enough content and get a sizeable amount of social sharing to benefit from ads and other forms of monetary funnels.
Blogging, although an enjoyable activity may become taxing if you plan to derive benefits from it or want to use it as a funnel for your marketing efforts. On a professional scale, you will need to hire experts who can create a working strategy in order to achieve certain goals. On a personal level, if you’re new to blogging and want to test waters, you can always try out with free options. Whatever you do though, make sure you stay committed and dedicated, as blogging won’t delivers results instantly. Stick to a programme of consistent, quality output and you’ll eventually see the reward for your time and effort.