Published 17 November 2016 Category: IT

Cyber Alert: How to Make Sure Your Data is Not Compromised

Dear valued customer,

We have received notification that you have recently attempted to withdraw the following amount US $ 500. Please verify your account information by sending us your account number.

Failure to do this within 24 hours will lead to restricted access to your account for security reasons.

Customer service

Now, you probably have seen or even received this type of emails. The question now is, what would you do?
In this advance world, firewalls is no longer a guarantee of cyber safety. To be safe surfing online, you will need to be aware, knowledgeable and proactive in protecting your own data. And even just changing your password regularly may not be enough.

This week, #CompassLaunchpad had the opportunity to invite two experts in cyber security, Philip Thomas and Bill Majcher of EMIDR, a corporate risk firm that deploys US military grade cyber technology.

Globally, cybercrime cost exceeds US$ 400 billion, and is predicted to be more profitable than drug trafficking. Unauthorized access on your digital world could compromise your personal data, financial information or even operations of any firms.

As Thomas and Majcher noted, there are different type of cybercrimes. They range from identity theft, transaction fraud, advance free fraud or Nigerian scam, hacking and securities fraud.

Do you want to learn more about cybercrime and how to stay safe online? Click here to view the presentation.