Published: 24 Aug 2023
Updated: 14 Sep 2023
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How to Maximise the Use of Your Flexible Workspace


A flexible office space is a dynamic work environment, it is often considered a great solution for growing businesses and professionals to meet their goals and fulfill their aspirations. These flex spaces typically include a serviced office and can be customised to an enterprise’s specifications based on the nature of their businesses.

These flexible workspaces can meet a variety of demands such as open-plan spaces, private enclosed offices, and shared areas. While flexible workspaces can be a great idea, it’s important that you know how to maximise their use. 


The Importance of a Well-Organised and Efficient Flexible Office

There are many advantages of a high-quality flexible workspace. If you’re unsure about whether or not it’s right for you, here are some reasons it can be a great idea.

Versatility – It’s easy for a business to either be stuck in an office that is too small or pay too much for one that’s too big. A flexible workspace allows you to grow at your own pace and not need to worry about the size of your office.

Productivity – There's no doubt a low-quality office can have a negative impact on productivity. Using a serviced office gives you access to flexible work arrangements. This will ensure your employees are happy and well-supported, leading to greater productivity.

Cost Effectiveness – Many businesses struggle to cope with sky-high rental rates. Flexible workspaces are much less of a burden. Not only are the terms flexible, but you can ensure that the space is the perfect size for your current needs.  

Enterprise-grade IT Infrastructure – Another challenge for a business is ensuring your office has a robust IT infrastructure. Without an expert IT department, this can become a huge headache. Thankfully, a premium flexible workspace will take care of this for you. 


How Limited Space Negatively Impacts Productivity

An inadequate small office space can disturb productivity. Many will feel like they are overcrowded in a small workspace, and this can also have the knock-on effect of an inadequacy of privacy.

Being uncomfortable in your workspace will not lead to high productivity. There are many other factors, such as how poor lighting can lower mood. Ultimately, making it more difficult for employees to concentrate on tasks.

A poor working environment may induce the possibility of low productivity. A flexible workspace overcomes these workplace challenges and allows for a happier workforce. 


How to Optimise Your Space for Maximum Output

If you are looking for ways to optimise your workspace for the highest workplace productivity. Here are a few ways you can do it. 

Space-Saving Approaches – An office space can quickly become cluttered and cramped. It’s a great idea to use a variety of space-saving measures. These can be both physical changes and changes to how the space is utilised. 

For example, you can look into vertical storage to generate more space or look into storing your documents for any other relevant material off-site. You may also wish to utilise digital storage solutions instead of using physical files.

Hot-Desking – Having a hot-desk policy is one where there is not assigned seating or desk. The traditional desk set-up can mean many desks go unused for companies with a sizable part-time work force or those who often work away from the office.

Hot-desking makes sense as you can have communal desks where employees sit where they want on a first-come, first-served basis. It allows for more flexibility and means you don’t need to constantly contemplate floor planning.

Natural Light – Natural light can have a huge impact on how workers experience their workspace. Not only can it improve the ambience of a space but having a lot of natural light can make it feel bigger. 

There are several tips to help with this. First, make sure storage solutions are away from windows and desks near them. Other things you can try are using glass partitions, removing any obstacles from the windows, and using more reflective surfaces. 


New Locations and Their Impact on Optimising Available Space

At Compass Offices, we are committed to building flexible offices for businesses of all sizes and industries. As demand for flexible offices evolve overtime, workplace strategies for corporate and business professionals have shifted considerably in light of changing environmental factors, personal preferences and the increased prevalence of hybrid work arrangements. As a result, businesses are increasingly looking for flexible and sustainable workspaces that can accommodate the latest technology and support the well-being of their staff.

China Building Centre (Hong Kong)

Our new location in the iconic China Building, situated in Central, Hong Kong. Opened in August 2023, our brand new China Building business centre on 19th floor of the building is a fully furnished workspace with excellent views of the bustling city below.

There are a wide range of options, including custom workspaces and shared offices which are supported by enterprise-grade IT infrastructure. For those looking for a premium-quality workspace in a vibrant location in Hong Kong’s central business district, our China Building centre is a great choice.

Inogate Osaka Centre (Osaka, Japan)

For those who prefer the radiance of natural light, our Inogate Osaka centre is a popular option. This beautifully designed building amidst an urban green park is not only an inspiring place to work but it will also help boost your output as it’s designed to ensure maximum productivity.

Compass Offices will have a business centre on the 9th and 10th floors of the building. Situated in the core district of Umeda, the business and commercial centre of Osaka, the building has excellent transport connections. The location of Inogate Osaka is known to be a prestigious address in the Osaka business district.

Singapore Land Tower Centre (Singapore)

Another flexible workspace solution in an incredible location is our Singapore Land Tower centre. The renovation of the business centre on 19th floor of the tower was completed in April 2023. Close to the Marina Bay financial district, this attractive centre includes private and fully-furnished offices and workspaces which give a business the tools essential for continued growth.

Its incredible location only adds to its appeal as not only are the transport links excellent but it’s also situated close to malls and many dining options. This is a wonderful place to work for those hoping for a happy, committed, and productive workforce. 


Wrap Up

Traditional office spaces may face a plethora of challenges conducive to the continued growth of a business. A flexible workspace helps to deliver maximum output through its versatility by optimising space.

A well-organised and efficient flexible office can be a key part of your productivity strategy and help ensure your business reaches its goals.



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