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Hong Kong’s Startup Community: Where to Begin

With the rise of incubators, accelerator programs, co-working spaces and government initiatives over the last few years, it is clear the startup scene in Hong Kong is booming. In 2016, Hong Kong saw a 24% increase in startups, 24% increase in workstations and 41% increase in number of staff working in startups.  
Whether you’re new to Hong Kong or looking to expand your network, the Hong Kong startup community is diverse and welcoming to newcomers. We list the top startup communities, events and resources to help you navigate through the scene.


Hong Kong has many online communities catering to entrepreneurs, most of which host panel discussions, networking events, and online meetups to help you meet likeminded individuals. Below are two of the largest startup communities in Hong Kong:

StartUps HK

Hong Kong’s original startup community that began in 2009, it hosts regular events throughout the year, including one of the largest conferences in Asia. On their website, you can find a calendar of other events hosted by other startup and networking communities.


EntrepreneurHK is a private non-profit organization that works with startup leaders and the government to improve Hong Kong’s startup ecosystem. It has also expanded into a news platform, partnering with some of the largest startup-centred publications in Asia, Tech in Asia and e27. Find out about the organization’s events on their Meetup Group.


As the Hong Kong startup scene flourishes, more international conferences are choosing Hong Kong to host their latest event. At these conferences, learn from industry experts and seize the opportunity to network with people from around the world. 


RISE was started in 2015 by Hong Kong’s godfather of startups, Casey Lau. Held once a year, the four-day conference attracts startups, entrepreneurs, investors from around the world, making it the largest tech conference in Asia. With a jam-packed schedule of talks and social events, take advantage of the endless networking opportunities.

StartmeupHK Festival

InvestHK, a department of the Hong Kong government, set up the festival to showcase and celebrate Hong Kong’s startup ecosystem. The weeklong event features keynotes and interactive sessions from a varied set of industries. This is a great opportunity to connect and get startup advice from veteran entrepreneurs.

Incubator / Accelerator Programs

Incubators are focused on innovation and developing ideas for disruption, whereas accelerators help the growth of an existing company and scaling a business. Being part of these programs as a startup can be very beneficial as you will have mentors and a support network which are great resources for getting advice on your startup.


An innovative digital community with close to 900 digital tech companies, Cyberport is fully government owned. Cyberport is committed to developing startup and entrepreneurs primarily in FinTech, Ecommerce, IoT Wearables and Big Data/AI to grow Hong Kong into a “Smart City.”    


A venture capital firm that provides an incubator program focused on the lifestyle space such as health technology. Having partnered with large corporations such as DBS and Infiniti, Nest provides mentorship programs to support high potential startups.

Online Resources

Stay up to date on the latest news and trends in the Hong Kong startup scene.

Jumpstart Mag

Hong Kong’s first print publication dedicated to startups and small businesses. Stay up to date on best practices and ideas in topics ranging from crowdfunding, manufacturing, design, FinTech, apps, marketing.


WHub is the one stop shop for everything startup related in Hong Kong, from searching for a startup, to finding talent, and finding relevant online events. Use this platform to search for your next startup job.   

Education Platforms

Workshops and courses also provide an easy way to meet like-minded people. Take a look at General Assembly and Accelerate, and explore their events and workshops to join those who are also keen on being a part of the startup community. 
Whether you’re looking for support or want to expand your network, use these resources to start connecting with Hong Kong’s startup community.