Published 07 September 2016 Category: Compass Client

CASE STUDY: HKBN stays connected with Compass

Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN) is Hong Kong’s largest provider of residential high-speed broadband service, and continues to rapidly grow in the city. As one of the most aggressive players in the market, HKBN stays connected by using Compass Offices.

“I came across Compass Office even before [starting] my role here, says Billy Yeung, Chief Commercial Officer, Enterprise Solutions and Co-Owner at HKBN. My business colleagues have all used Compass Offices. . . It was a really natural choice,” he continues.

With a team of over 300 sales talent, Yeung says that the convenient locations of Compass Offices helps HKBN colleagues save time on traveling while being centrally located. This is crucial for serving clients more efficiently and edging out some of the competition.

“What I like about Compass Office apart from the office [itself] is the network, great and versatile business solutions, service attitudes, I really like and appreciate their speedy decision making,” says Yeung.

At the start of July, HKBN announced that it will start offering mobile services, following its HK$650 million acquisition of New World Telephone Holdings.

At the  moment, HKBN owns an extensive fibre 2 network in Hong Kong, covering over 2.1 million residential homes passed, representing approximately 79% of Hong Kong’s total residential units. Compass Offices matches with similar outreach, growing to over 40 centres and over 10,000 work stations in close to ten countries

HKBN’s company motto and vision is to 'Make our HK a better place to live,’ which they serve by offering customers a hassle free choice. They have increased Wi-Fi Hotspots to over 11,000 high quality, high traffic 'Hot Zones.’