Published 05 December 2018 Category: Marketing, startups, business ideas

Guerrilla Marketing Techniques to Help Launch Your Business

Guerrilla marketing is an aggressive form of low-cost (but high yield) marketing strategy that proves to be quite effective for small businesses and startups. Although the term sounds aggressive, it is actually a very effective method that businesses have been using as a launch strategy. In today’s age, with constant information overload and fierce competition for gaining the audience’s attention through social and web mediums, guerilla marketing is unconventional and different. It involves thinking out of the box, doing quirky things, creating hype and doing things out of the ordinary. Of course this doesn’t mean doing random and unnecessary things, rather it is the use of specific techniques to launch your business. Here are some great gurellia marketing ideas to help you get started.

1. Make a Memorable Public Statement

Whether you’re a small cafe or a bookstore ready for launch, the first part of guerilla marketing involves attracting public attention. How do you do that? By creating offline hype! A great example of this is Folgers, a popular coffee brand that created one of the most memorable guerilla marketing campaigns by indulging in street art. The company covered street manholes with big steaming cups of coffee. No one could miss that for sure!  There are plenty of great street art activities that you could do to launch your brand and it doesn’t even have to be an expensive affair!

2. Play with Viral Trends

Remember the #MannequinChallenge? The challenge was taken on by corporate companies and businesses across the globe. From the US to India, China to Pakistan, the challenge was a rage. Target, Sprite, CocaCola and large brand names created some of the best challenge videos. Small businesses and startups were quick to pick on the trend and created their own version of the challenge to create a buzz about their business and their teams. There are plenty of viral challenges going around and if you really want to stand out from the crowd, stay updated with them and create amazing content! Better yet, if you’ve got a quirky marketing team, you can even create your own challenge and turn it into viral content.

3. Lean in On Seasonal Events

Seasonal holidays are the best times to launch your business and follow a holiday theme. Ever noticed how Google updates his logos for different seasons? You could try doing the same! Not only on your online assets but also in offline activities such as launching a sale, holding a contest, creating video content or even running a CSR activity are some of the best ways to garner attention to your newly launched business.

4. Create Events & Get the Public to Participate in Real Time Competitions

Events don’t necessarily have to be expensive if you have the right people guiding you in the right direction. You don’t have to create grand events, rather a small meetup, a conference, a problem-solving session, a corporate party are all ways of creating an event that generates buzz and bringing the intended audience to get to know you and the work you do.

5. Populate Your Social Media with Great Content

Sharing cute cat pictures are no longer enough to get recognition on social media. People want authentic, lovable, shareable content! A great idea would be to generate authentic content of real people from your company sharing insights, guides, reflections and a lot more. Share stories of your success, of lessons you learn, of your experiences and your contributions. Don’t think just in terms of a ‘content plan,’ rather understand the kind of content your audience would love to consume and give them that.
Guerilla marketing campaigns can really help your business hit the ground, and is ideal for small businesses that want to generate the initial buzz. Guerilla marketing also doesn’t have to be a short-lived event, rather if you’ve got a good idea, you can derive long-term results from it!