Published: 06 Feb 2020
Updated: 18 Oct 2022
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Flexible Workspace Trend in Sydney


When it comes to office space, Sydney has been experiencing a major paradigm shift. As more and more employees and entrepreneurs work online, a flexible workspace has become a must.
But that doesn’t mean you’ll jump into any shared office and hope for the best. What you’re looking for are serviced offices because of all the features and amenities that are at your disposal.
The serviced office trend is on the rise and while you deliberate your options, this article is here to help you narrow down the search and choose what’s best for you.

Types of Commercial Office Space

Commercial office spaces can be divided into three grades. These apply internationally and pretty much determine what you can expect to get. Here’s a quick overview.

A Grade

The cream of the crop, A Grade offices are usually in the downtown area and are equipped with all the contemporary amenities, features, and high-tech systems.
In addition, many high-rise buildings belong to this class, which gives you the benefit of the view. Rents can go sky-high, but there might be some wiggle room if the office space allows you to exclude some of the auxiliary services.

B Grade

B Grade commercial offices are very good, lacking only some perks and luxuries that comes with A Grade buildings. This usually means there are no amazing lobbies, architectural details, and certain amenities.
This isn’t a deal-breaker as you may get greater value for money. For example, the building is only slightly more weathered, or levels are lower. It can be a compromise you’ll be happy with.
In fact, some workspaces use the age and low-rise to their advantage and provide an atmosphere with unique charm.

C Grade

There are almost no flexible workspaces in Sydney that belong to this class. These are usually buildings of more than 20 years old in dire need of a complete overhaul.
They are usually located in less desirable neighbourhoods. Therefore, communication with the rest of the city suffers. But there are exceptions.
Investors might take a C Grade venue and upgrade it to B, offering more privacy and surroundings favourable for creative industries.

Looking for an Ideal Office Space for Rent

Based on the Australian Bureau of Statistics data, about 45% of workers don’t take regular shifts. In addition, they usually have flexible office hours.
This has given rise to the demand for flexible offices that can cater to the non-shift and online workers’ needs. If you’re looking for a commercial space in Sydney CBD, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.
Some of the serviced offices Sydney downtown has to offer are designed for ultimate flexibility. You’ll be within walking distance of the major stations and a short Uber drive from the airport. But that’s not all.
Most of these offices provide customisable workstations and partitioning as per the company’s request. There are also communal indoor and outdoor areas and dedicated spaces for sports and relaxation.
The shared arcade and private rooms have pretty much become standard. And some downtown serviced offices also provide podcast and photography studios as well as wellness programs.
If you were to look at other cities the offer is pretty much the same. Take Melbourne for example, the serviced office industry is thriving and offers great option for workers and entrepreneurs.
However, office space in the bustling business district can cost a pretty penny, so you might look for a place in other areas.

Serviced Offices North Sydney and Barangaroo

Some of the co-working hubs in North Sydney start as low as $40 a day or $425 a month, but there are certain limitations.
For the basic price, you get access to your workstation and the serviced offices. However, extras such as parking, access to a cafeteria, dining area, and fitness amenities come at a price. Albeit lower than downtown costs, these expenses are a significant contribution to your monthly overheads. Thus, it’s crucial to make a checklist of everything you need and base your search on that.
Price-wise, serviced offices Barangaroo are on par with North Sydney. You can get great value for money for around or under $500 a month. What’s more, some providers offer virtual offices for under $200. But the price is not Barangaroo’s only appeal.
The closeness of King Street Wharf and good connection with the rest of the city makes this area popular. Flexible offices in Barangaroo are some of the best places to get amazing cityscapes and perks. For example, communal terraces or rooftop area accesses. Some providers include boardroom/meeting room access as well as security features such as storage lockers in the main price.

Flexible Workspace vs Conventional Office Space - Final Verdict

You won’t be wrong to assume that there’s no contest here - flexible workspaces are better than conventional ones. There are also established companies that aim to upgrade their workspace to flexible; the key lies in their focus toward employees’ needs.  
It’s not hard to picture the benefits of a flexible workspace – better location, perks from flexible workspace operators, building facilities, office scenery, easier commute and more. It’s bound to raise work morale and productivity.
In Melbourne, there is a surge of interest in flexible workspace too. Read about the industry trend in Victoria’s capital here.



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