Published: 06 Feb 2020
Updated: 18 Oct 2022
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Flexible Workspace Trend in Melbourne


Contemporary working trends seem to have done away with the nine-to-five, which is reflected in the office space. Melbourne is one of the best examples of how the demands of Gen Y and Z workers have reshaped shared office spaces.
Before you find out more about flexible workspace in Melbourne, it doesn’t hurt to consider some of the benefits and different commercial workspace types. Let’s dive right in.

Flexible Workspace vs Conventional Office Space

Flexible workspaces are serviced offices, co-working hubs, and shared offices. They outperform their conventional counterparts in many respects.
First, when you’re seeking conventional office space for rent, the upfront cost to set everything up is high, and you’ll be tied down to a long-term contract. It might also take months before everything can be move-in ready.

On the other hand, flexible workspaces remove these limitations, allowing you to be in your office in as fast as 24 hours. These venues are fully furnished and may provide customisations at a cost.
There are also auxiliary services such as meeting room, boardroom, and training room access, communal areas, and lounges to dine in and relax. But this isn’t the main perk.
Working inside a flexible or shared space provides invaluable opportunities for networking and collaboration. And there might be even be some competition to motivate you to be more productive.

Types of Commercial Office Space

Commercial office spaces can be categorised based on the layout type and the venue’s grade.
As for the layout, there are open and private offices, cubicles, workstation clusters, and co-working spaces. With this in mind, most serviced offices combine at least two of the layouts for more convenience. In addition, you might even get a custom layout if you lease a larger area.
But the office space grade largely determines the quality of the area you’ll be working in. There are three grades and this write-up will deal with the top two. This is because C Grade buildings aren’t fit for flexible office spaces that promote workers’ wellbeing.
And the situation with C Grade spaces is similar in other Australian cities, Melbourne in particular. Simply put, the low rent price doesn’t justify the lack of some basic amenities. 

A Grade

Want to work in a high-rise and get all the perks of a top-tier service? If so, serviced offices in A Grade buildings should be the perfect fit.
Whichever way you look at it, these spaces are designed to maximise your productivity and comfort. In general, there are large lounge areas featuring premium furniture and architectural details.
These offices are usually downtown, which puts you in close proximity to the commercial district. What’s more, you get quick access to transportation as well as in-house amenities such as concierge services, high-end end-of-trip facilities and premium meeting rooms.

B Grade

If you’re on a budget and don’t mind working outside the central business district, B Grade serviced offices should do the trick. In fact, real estate developers and investors keep competing to design a space that’s far above the average.
Offices in this class may include both indoor and outdoor communal spaces. You often get access to private rooms with the base price per day, week, or month. And the security features are accessible to all the tenants.
In other words, there’s no reason a Class B office won’t meet your requirements, but you do need to factor in the commute.

Serviced Offices Melbourne - Top Locations

Commercial space in Melbourne CBD is a commodity in high demand. If you analyse the office space Victoria has to offer, it’s not hard to understand you’re getting A Grade.
Should you seek the best service offices, Collins Street is the place to look for them. There are more than a few offices that tick all the right boxes in terms of price, location, auxiliary services, and available amenities.
The offer ranges from partitioned spaces fit for bigger companies and start-ups to boutique venues that are perfect for entrepreneurs and online workers.

Options Outside of Collins Street

Collins Street isn’t the only location for high-end serviced offices. Bourke Street is also at the top of the list and the service providers offer a host of amenities to make your job easier.
Some of those include concierge, sports facilities, catering, and resort-like peripheral services. The street is at the centre of the city’s financial and legal district. And you’re within walking distance of banks, main transportation stations, and top 500 enterprises.
Move a kilometre or two to the South-West and you might be enamoured by what you see and get. When it comes to serviced offices, Docklands is one of the most charming areas. And the proximity of land to water makes the location truly unique.

You should note that flexible workspaces in these areas offer similar pricing. Your choice depends on finding the right balance of location-specific perks, included amenities, and office design.

Time to Flex Your Office

Without a doubt, workers and companies will keep moving to flexible workspaces and it’s not only because of the convenience.
Flexible workspaces offer social interactions that might not be possible otherwise. This can become a source of inspiration and knowledge for budding start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs alike.

In Sydney, there’s been a paradigm shift in the space of flexible offices as well. Read about the industry trend here.



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