Published 17 January 2017 Category: Compass Tips

Finding a job: tips and strategies in APAC for 2017

If you’re re-evaluating your career for 2017 and thinking about moving on (and into) a new job, you’re not alone! While it’s comforting knowing many are in the same situation, it also means that you need to stand outfrom the crowd. Luckily, as our recent Compass Index 2016 study revealed, many APAC companies are looking to grow their business this year. Give your self a hiring head-start by keeping these tips in mind:

Timing is everything.

It’s usually tough looking for a job during major holiday seasons as this is when the majority of staff are on leave, or about to go on leave and thus frantically finishing projects. While there are still job opportunities, it’s usually easier to get your foot in the door after the break is over. In countries like China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan, this would mean waiting until after Chinese New Year, which hits end of January.  Most employees receive their 13th month pay following the long holiday and quit after receiving their bonus – leaving a spot to fill.

The waiting game isn’t a bad thing though! Structuring your job search for after the holidays gives you the chance to use January to reflect and think of future career growth. Use this month to plan accordingly. What goals do you have for the next few weeks? Are there projects you can finish during this time that can add value to your C.V.? Take the reign to get as much done as possible, before applying for the next opportunity.

Consider gaining some new skills to stand out from the crowd

In our Compass Index 2016, we discovered that the top three skills that Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore were vying for are in the same fields:  Sales, Marketing and IT. Gaining strategic skill sets based on market needs can give you that extra boost you need. Before even thinking about giving notice, consider building up your resume with a set of in-demand skills. Look into training classes, where you can possibly receive certification. If you have more time, there are also part-time programs at local colleges that welcome working students. Don’t use money as an excuse either: there are plenty of free classes online nowadays, such as the popular site Coursera.

Gaining skills isn’t limited to learning something via pen and paper. Consider getting involved with volunteer efforts in your field, which could be rewarding not just spiritually but also a way to learn something new.

Look in “hot” and rising industries

Industries like technology – whether it’s IT, fintech or med-tech – are booming in Asia. For example, as we’ve published earlier, in 2015, the Singapore government launched funding of $2.2 billion to push its Smart Nation goal, a vision of using technology to improve the lives of its citizens and create more opportunities for businesses.

Many companies are pouring resources into building up their technology front, whether it’s digitally or financially, or for security measures. Not a techie or computer expert? No worries – no matter what your sector is, HR, accounting or marketing – a new up and coming tech company will need it as well.