Published: 09 Apr 2020
Updated: 02 Aug 2023
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Ebisu Brews into a Business and Lifestyle Landmark

Ebisu Brews into a Business and Lifestyle Landmark

Ebisu is touted as one of Tokyo’s best places to work, live, and play for the city’s hip population and working professionals.

A major district in the Shibuya ward, Ebisu is named after the Yebisu Beer brand, which is derived from the Japanese god of luck, Ebisu.

The mythical Ebisu is believed to bring good prospects for business, wealth, and fortune; and with Japan’s deep seated respect and faith in culture, religion, and history, it’s no wonder its namesake should flourish as a key business district.

Why Ebisu?

Maybe Ebisu isn’t as exciting as other parts of Shibuya. It’s not as glamorous as the Omotesando luxury shopping district, and it’s not as culturally influential as Harajuku.

The name itself is certainly more pertinent to the beer brand.

However, more people are seeing the value of this location, especially when searching for offices in Tokyo.
Ebisu enjoys a sophisticated yet laidback vibe over the greater Shibuya region, which tends to be tense and crowded. Residential, commercial, and mixed-use developments are seeing an increase in the district, attracting a mix of locals and foreigners with a discerning taste.

Being in Ebisu for Business

People who want to have their business address associated with class and style would put Ebisu on the top of their list.

Over the years, Ebisu has become known for high-end boutique retailers, upscale restaurants and understated eateries, as well as beautiful, trendy cafes that practically finds popularity from viral marketing alone.

Luxury hotels also dot the area, including the Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel, Shibuya Stream Excel Hotel Tokyu, and The Westin Tokyo at the Yebisu Garden Place.

It’s a central location without the intensity of downtown areas, becoming an appealing place to set up offices in Ebisu, as well as a popular area to host business meetings and casual gatherings.

With public and commercial amenities aplenty, Ebisu is practical for both work and play.

For starters, it’s easy to travel within and beyond Tokyo via the Ebisu Station’s connection to the JR Yamanote line, JR Saikyo line, JR Shonan-Shinjuku line, and the Tokyo Metro Hibiya line.

Ebisu is just a stop away from Shibuya and Roppongi, and are next door to the Daikanyama and Meguro districts.

In its vicinity, there are also a number of landmarks that definitely shores up the points for its location, including:

- Yebisu Garden Place

This complex stands on the former site of the Yebisu Beer Brewery where the beer was first crafted back in the late 19th century. You can walk down the brewery’s memory lane at the Museum of Yebisu here, sample a beer, and guzzle down history as you go.

Beyond this, Yebisu Garden Place also has retail outlets, restaurants, cinemas, the Mitsukoshi department store, the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum.

You can easily walk here from the Ebisu Station via the JR Yamanote and Tokyo Metro Hibiya line, as well as from Compass Offices Ebisu Green Glass business centre.

- Ebisu Yokocho

If Michelin-starred restaurants in Ebisu doesn’t tickle your fancy, a dining alternative presents itself at Ebisu Yokocho.

The no-frills back alley bars and diners just 2 minutes from the Ebisu Station East Exit is great for hosting casual dinners for visiting guests, business associates, or just to let off steam with colleagues.

Bright neon lights and lanterns lead the way into an alley jam packed with restaurants that serves Japanese comfort food such as skewered meats, oden (boiled ingredients in dashi soup), kushiage (deep fried skewers), teppanyaki, and more.
The lively and vibrant ambience is great for a good time out while prices are more reasonable.

- Atre Ebisu

Having a mall right next to the train station is truly convenient. Connected directly to the JR Ebisu station, Atre Ebisu brings 8 floors of retail and dining options.

It’s worth mentioning that some shops here are not the downtown Shibuya or Shinjuku variety, which makes the variety of products more unique. Stores are not as hectic too, hence the shopping experience is more comfortable.

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