Published: 17 Aug 2015
Updated: 07 Apr 2022
Category: Digital & Marketing

Digital, Social and Mobile Trends Of 2015


For any startup or new Entrepreneurial business, getting people to find out about your company, product or service is always a challenge. Often marketing budgets are tight as you need to balance cash flow with investment for growth. With the huge global power of social media and the billions of connected users on various platforms it's no wonder many new businesses are turning to social to kick start their marketing.

We've collected a few interesting statistics and reports which show just how big social is right now.

Facebook continues to dominate the global social media landscape, claiming 1.366 billion active users at the beginning of this year. Meanwhile, Tencent extended its dominance of Chinese-language social networks, with Qzone’s 629 million active accounts leading the pack.

Global agency WeAreSocial, has published a report looking at digital, social and mobile trends globally, with some fascinating insights.

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