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Defining Work-Life Balance

Defining the Work-Life Balance - one sentence at a time.

At Compass Offices, we love to work; but we also need a healthy dose of play. That’s why this blog post really resonates with us. Read on to see how 12 entrepreneurs and other professionals define the elusive work-life balance and after you do, take a minute to think about how your personal definition matches up.

Feeling in control
“To feel like I have the freedom to design my own life, at work and home” – Lina Sandén, coach, singer, and songwriter.

“When you stop looking at emails, life begins” – Erick Bzovi, developer at HealPay.
“Work-life balance means turning off my phone, iPad, and computer the minute I step foot into my house to ensure I can spend quality time with my family, which in turn leaves me motivated to be productive the next day” – Josh Otten, CEO and managing partner of Screenpush International.

Not feeling rushed
“That sweet spot where you get everything done, maintain healthy relationships, a healthy mind and body, and you’re still able to sip (not chug) your morning coffee” – Sarah Jacobs, cofounder of The Wellness Project NYC.

“Attempt” is the keyword
“The attempt to keep the people in your life happy while not letting your business fail” – Chris Sonjeow, cofounder of LoveBook.

Being able to live in the present
“The ability to be present at work and at home, keep things in perspective, and enjoy your life” – Angie Schiavoni, founder of Mamajamas.

“It’s about being so totally alive in the moment that work, relationships, spirituality, mission, responsibility, and opportunity blend seamlessly into one thing: life” – John O’Leary, inspirational speaker, president of Rising Above.

Money and time
“You have to be able to afford the lifestyle you want and have the time to enjoy it, as well” – Jason Weberman, dating and relationship expert.

Being a whole person
“Work-life balance is a state of peace where who you are and your enjoyment of your life is equal or exceeds what you do for your business. It’s a daily practice of self-observation and choice” – Kim Castle, creator of KimTV.

“Work-life balance is letting neither your career nor your personal life define you” – Mary Beall Adler, CEO and owner of Georgetown Bagelry.

“When your life is a pleasure” – JC Niala, writer and creative.

You know it when you see it
“If at 2 pm on Friday afternoons, you can’t wait to get home and out of the office, and at 7:30 pm on Sunday evening, you can’t wait to get out of the house and back to the office, your work-life is in balance” – Alice Price, professional organiser and coach at Organize Long Island.