Published 19 December 2016 Category: Compass Clients

#CompassClient: Cordium navigates changing regulations for clients and finds stability in Compass

Cordium is a provider of regulatory compliance consulting and software solutions for asset managers and securities firms in Hong Kong. It is a global company and has a fast growing business in Asia. That is why Cordium has used Compass to provide workplace stability and flexibility – providing one less variable for the company to worry about and shifting that attention to its clients.

“We were looking for a high quality office that would facilitate our requirements and provide a high level of support and flexibility when necessary,” says Derek McGibney, Managing Director, Cordium Asia.
Cordium has been located at two of Compass’s central locations in Hong Kong, providing convenience for its clients, the regulator and its service partners.  

“The reception staff is great for our business and has adapted to our specific requests. The management team has listened to our needs, our client’s needs and our collective recommendations to bring us a tailored service. We often provide feedback, and it is good to see it being responded to,” adds McGibney.

Cordium also plays a valuable role in Compass’s thriving community. They have provided input on regulatory requirements, thoughts on security in relation to people, access, data, infrastructure, storage and confidentiality, while giving recommendations in business continuity.

“Our clients need to ensure that they are satisfied with the arrangements, and Compass can approach clients with the facilities to be able to do so,” adds McGibney.

Cordium, which is head quartered in London, with offices in New York, Boston, San Francisco and Malta provides clients with a flexible and cost effective approach to providing compliance advice to clients to meet their SFC licensing, and ongoing service as well as and unique SFC compliance software.

By working with Compass, clients are able to reduce unnecessary workload, allowing them to focus on growing their business.