Published: 05 Jun 2017
Updated: 28 Jan 2021

Compass Offices - Making The Right Connections


The Serviced Office space today suggests that every office is alike. And it can probably feel that way much of the time. But there’s a big feature that many co-working and serviced office providers consider only briefly: internet connectivity. It’s almost an assumption at this point that a business tenant will be able to choose from a number of different internet service providers to get everything set up—and that once connected, service will remain uninterrupted.

In fact, not all Serviced Office spaces are created equal when it comes to internet connectivity and security. Here are five important features at Compass to watch for:

1. A tech-centric layout

Infrastructure matters and Compass’s serviced offices spanning 30 centres across 8 cities features strategic, commodity-graded CISCO devices, and synchronised secure global Wi-Fi access utilising CISCO Enterprise-graded Wi-Fi with at least 2 ISPs (unlimited data) per centre. A majority of its Hong Kong centres also feature end-to-end direct fibre bandwidth. In a nutshell, Compass exclusively provides its own fibre backbone. This means that clients are part of Compass’s individual network.

2. Synchronised secure global WiFi access

Synchronised Wi-Fi means you can walk into any Compass center and connect automatically. By connecting you and your business travelers to this massive Wi-Fi network while you're on the road, Compass’s synchronised secure global Wi-Fi access gives your team the freedom to use the critical business tools essential to getting the job done, while keeping you in touch with family, friends and co-workers.

3. A backup plan

The internet goes down sometimes. Inclement weather, construction, manhole happens. Compass’s infrastructure anticipates these risks and prevents business tenants from losing connection altogether. Using the most recent technology, Compass Offices employ top security measures to insure private and confidential information is kept that way even over Wi-Fi. In addition, authentication is done using an isolated secured server. All centres have multiple points of entry for fiber cables running into the building providing important redundancy. If one entry point is incapacitated, another keeps the Internet running with little to no disruption.

4. Connection beyond the cubicle

Compass clients also get a number of commercial and support benefits such as dedicated bandwidth, desktop support to ensure business-as-normal access to IT systems, evaluation and recommendations for improving service levels, minimising costs, increasing efficiency, personal and reliable support service to get critical problems solved quickly, and tailored packages to meet their needs.

5. A future-proof space

Instead of firefighting performance issues and struggling to keep the infrastructure online, Compass’s IT teams proactively identify and resolve problems before clients even notice, and implement state-of-the-art technologies that are a better fit for their needs; allowing businesses to become more agile. This increased insight is the green light to more innovative, better performing infrastructures across the board – and there’s more to come.

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