Published 09 December 2016 Category: Health

Compass Offices and Water Juicery bring you healthy juice!

Adding to our list of partners and perks for Compass community, we've teamed up with Water Juicery to bring you, Chef Akrame’s first venture into the realm of innovative and creative spin of healthy juicing!

Developed with the guidance of a seasoned nutritionist, Water Juicery features a line of 24 delectable cold-pressed juices, to be consumed as a supplement or as part of a guided juice fast with 8 more new items introduced in 2016. Adopting the technology of cold-pressing, Chef Akrame ensures that Water Juicery products retain the most nutrients for consumption.

Water Juicery's cold-pressed juices can be enjoyed as a daily supplement or as part of Chef Akrame’s “Michelin Chef” cleanse program. The cleanse program is available in increments of 1,2, and 3 day packages which feature 10 cold-pressed juices per day. Each day’s juice program is further supplemented by protein powder, fibre powder, and pink Himalayan salt - all of which come nicely packed in a cooler bag fitted with ice pack.
Enjoy our offer in a few steps:
Step 1: Simply head to to learn about our Michelin Chef Programs  
Step 2: Apply coupon code: COMPASS30
Step 3: Enjoy 30% off all Michelin Chef Detox Programs
We also offer $35/bottle for selected juices. Order to be made via whatsapp: 9091 4388

  • Madame Carrot

  • Haute Purifier

  • Bye Bye Crunch

  • My Memory Diary

  • Apple Fever

  • Apple Cooler

  • Pear Tonic


Happy Juicing!