Published 21 September 2017 Category: Entrepreneurs, SMEs, Business, Compass Habitats, Flexible Workspaces, Multidisciplinary Environments

Compass Habitats: Helping People Become Multidisciplinary

One of the things that makes serviced offices and co-working spaces great is their ability to be a natural haven for skills and knowledge sharing. Understanding how our habitats help entrepreneurs, businesses, startups and freelancers develop in a hybrid economy enables Compass Offices to innovate and enhance the client experience.

Flexible Work/Life Environment
In a hybrid economy, the most successful candidates are the ones who voice their soft skills, like teamwork, communication and critical thinking. Encouragement towards education programs allow freelancers, entrepreneurs and employees to recertify with market demands, while also giving space to demonstrate soft skills and abilities.

Workshops and events
People who want to remain ahead need to demonstrate adaptability within their field and stay informed about a range of ever-changing jobs. Workshops and events within co-working spaces (and outside it) let members stay on the pulse of a range of industries. On the inside and by drawing in specialists and experts, co-working spaces are able to host talent that isn’t always in house.

Beyond the professional
Workshops and events are also a great way for co-working members to network and connect in meaningful ways as co-working spaces are rooted in mutual respect. Co-working spaces are giving freelancers in a hybrid economy the chance to learn from one another and develop their careers in a supportive environment.

Community acting as talent pools
Siloed jobs are becoming extinct in today’s hybrid economy, and companies are now looking for integrated roles. Co-working spaces house a rich tapestry of talent from a variety of different fields and this creates a diversity in perspectives which is helpful for members. Co-working communities encourage freelancers to think in a multidisciplinary way. Members have a range of experts on hand to consult, a key resource in a hybrid job economy where specialising in multiple areas is expected.

Co-working your way into a hybrid job
A mixture of workshops, events and in-house education programs are a great way for serviced offices and co-working spaces to give hands on education and information about changing industries. In an economy where skills and knowledge are the foundation for success, Compass Offices Co-working Habitats are arming their members with the tools to develop hybrid careers and become truly multidisciplinary.

As Hong Kong’s largest provider of virtual and serviced office spaces, Compass Offices is committed to the individual wellbeing and growth of every associate in Hong Kong and across APAC. With the central concept being ‘Take care of the associates and they will take care of your customers’ and providing them with a welcoming, comfortable and inspiring workplace is an indispensable part of that.