Published: 21 Jul 2016
Updated: 21 Apr 2022
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Compass City Guides: Melbourne


Melbourne has a population of about 4.3 million as of 2013. Since 2015, Melbourne has topped The Economist’s livability ranking for the fifth year in the row, taking into consideration factors in stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure. It is the ideal city to work hard, play hard and relax hard, all in equal amounts.
Melbourne is extremely diverse in its population. It boasts the largest Greek-speaking population outside of Europe and also has a large community of Chinese, Indian, Sri Lankan and Malaysians.  It also offers unique activities: from small group ocean eco-tours, wine tours, cruise ships to hiking, there’s a lot to do and see. For the sports lover, locals in Melbourne are passionate about cricket, football, grand-slam tennis and Formula One car racing. Be like the locals and head to the MCG stadium (Melbourne Cricket Ground) to see a match.
There’s also a huge coffee culture in Melbourne, with a variety of cafes spread out on Centre Place and Degraves Street. Just make sure you’ll be able to sleep after pounding back a few cups of the liquid gold. If coffee isn’t so much your thing, grab some drinks or grub at a pub or take a swig of Victoria wines. For accessible nature within the city, head to the Royal Botanic Gardens to digest everything you’ve eaten and drank.
Melbourne’s public transport system makes it easy to get around by train, tram, bus or taxis. Melbourne has the largest tram network in the world, offering 24 routes. Though many choose to drive in the city, a bicycle sharing system makes it easy for any pedestrian to get around. With four airports servicing Melbourne, it’s easy to get in and out.


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