Published 08 December 2017 Category: Compass Tips

Christmas Gift Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Pretty much every business owner and founder has no interest in material things and clutter. So the challenge is to think of presents that will actually be useful for them. If you are thinking what gifts to buy your entrepreneurial friends and clients this Christmas, here’s our list of gifts that we hope will give you a few ideas:

Tech & Gadgets

1. Microsoft Surface Book 2
The Surface Book 2 can easily edit 4K video in Adobe Premiere Pro and photos in Photoshop making it perfect for both entrepreneurs and clients. Plus, it’s super easy to get startup work done, from coding to writing content in Word. Also, the battery lasts forever, so you know it will make a real difference.

2. New Business Card Holder
If you go to a lot of networking events with like-minded friends? You will know that there is always one person with hundreds of business cards stuffed in their wallet that fall out everywhere when they try to open it. So give the gift of organisation, and get them a nice but discrete business card holder.

3. Film Studio Lights
Pretty much everyone is getting into video these days and for brands that want to utilize the power of photography and video, these are an absolute essential. More specifically, mini lighting kits to illuminate the backdrop of any video and lights with diffusing umbrellas to illuminate you, the superstar! Yes, dear merry makers give the gift of light this holiday season.

4. Wireless Keyboard & Mouse
Another great gift for any of your entrepreneurial friends this Christmas is a wireless keyboard and mouse. For those that have a lot of presentations, we know a wireless keyboard and mouse will be put to good use.

We love buying books at any time of year for clients and friends. And for Christmas, we think they make a nice present. Business and personal development books are almost timeless. So when it comes to buying gifts, mix it up between the classics, and a few hidden gems that just give so much practical advice on how to grow your business and mind.

There are millions of great books out there, so have a look at your bookshelf and see which books caused you to have a paradigm shift and move forward in life and give them to friends and clients with a personal note about why you are giving it to them.

NOTE: A lot of Entrepreneurs are dyslexic or just don’t tend to read physical books. So before you give someone, a book find out if they are an audiobook only kind of person, or if they enjoy reading a physical book.

1. The E-Myth by Michael E. Gerber
A lot of people have heard of and have read this book. However, the principles and processes Michael Gerber walks us through in the E-Myth are probably more important today than when he wrote this book. It’s a great read and reread at any time of year. So whether someone has been in business for 10 years or just starting off, this is a great reminder of how we should approach growing our business.

2. Youtility by Jay Bear
The book is one of those gems that is packed full of great marketing examples we can all learn from. Jay Bear does a great job of breaking all of the campaigns down and explaining why they worked so the principles can easily be applied to grow any business.

3. Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter
This isn’t a business book, but it’s one of the best books any entrepreneur will ever read. It’s great earning money, but the secret is to invest your time and money into activities that set you up for the long-term. This book reminds you of the big picture and gives you the principles for building wealth.

4. The 12 Week Year by Brian P. Moran
This is one of those books that challenges many of the beliefs people have grown up with. If you want a book that makes you, your colleagues and friends hit the ground running every day, then this is a great book to give.

5. Scrum by Jeff Sutherland
For productivity freaks out there who haven’t read this book yet, this is a great one for you.

Office Tools
Another type of gift to buy entrepreneurs for Christmas are those helpful office tools and accessories that help in little ways.

1. Noise Cancelling Headphones
As crazy as it sounds, one of the best gifts to anyone let alone the creative mind of an entrepreneur is the gift of silence. Noise canceling headphones like the Bose QuietComfort Wireless Headphones, are just heaven. For anyone, that’s a regular traveler, or a meditator and deep thinker these make an awesome gift.

2. Octopus Tripod
So finally the video marketing revolution is starting to hit business big time. And you could get away with just using your phone to record a lot of videos these days. The only problem is, where do you put your phone to record a video? The octopus tripods have been helpful whether you intend using a DSLR or phone. These awesome little tripods can be fixed on just about anything. For clients who are just getting into video, we think this would be a cool present.

3. Nespresso Machine
Coffee! For those friends or clients who are coffee nuts, getting them a nice coffee machine or Nespresso machine is the perfect gift.

Online Product & Services

1. Microsoft Office 365
Give a few annual subscriptions of Office 365 as Xmas gifts to your clients this year! It’s so nice to be able to edit content together, like Google docs, but on a fully tricked out word processor, that also copies and pastes, into WordPress without any formatting issues. What’s more, it also has 1 TB of online storage to play with, like Dropbox.

2. Stock Photo Subscription
One aspect of content marketing everyone struggles with is images. We either encourage clients to get it themselves, or we think it makes a great gift.

3. Dragon Dictate Pro 15
One of the easiest ways to speed up the creation of content marketing is just dictate it! On average us amazing humans can type 38 – 40 words per minute. However, on average we can speak between 110 – 150 words per minute.

This cuts content creation time down to about 1/3 of what it was pre-Dragon Dictate Pro 15. So if any of your friends are in the content marketing space, they might appreciate being able to use Dragon Dictate and skyrocket their content marketing productivity!

4. Memberships & Gift Cards
There are so many great products and services we use every day. If you are looking for a gift for an entrepreneur this Christmas, it may be worth checking out if their favourite product or service has a gift voucher you can give them.

In this article we have gone through some of our gift ideas and now, we hope this will help you dream up your own gift ideas for entrepreneurs, clients, friends and family this Christmas. Happy Holidays!